The rules on e-cigarettes are changing

health-e-cigarettes Like smoking e-cigarettes? Got into that whole vaping thing where you have a massive clarinet looking thing? Well, things are about to change for you.

As of May, laws are going to be standardised across the EU, which restricts how big your liquid containers can be, and how much nicotine they're allowed to contain. There'll also be new rules on how you can advertise e-cigs too.

In the UK, this means the rules will be stricter, while in other countries, this standardisation will see rules being relaxed. If you live somewhere where vapes are banned, they'll now be available to you.

For UK readers, these changes mean that refill containers can be no bigger than 10ml, and cartridges can be no larger than 2ml. As for nicotine strength, the maximum from May will be 20mg. Also, rules are already in place in the UK, banning the sale of e-cigs to anyone who is under 18.

One of the new rules says that e-cigs and refill containers will need to have a mechanism which guarantees leak free refilling. Now, seeing as most leaks are caused by the user, rather than the device, it isn't clear what this actually means, but there you go.

There's also a potential for an outright ban, should a 'competent authority' thinks that any product presents a health risk, but it would need the backing of 3 EU member states.

All the new rules can be found here.


  • Tonya H.
    well I am going to try to get the top on my e sigh has charger but the to use it came with the e cig
  • Raggedy
    @Tonya Helm OK I've tried but just can't crack the code. Could you let us know what you mean please?
  • evilnoodle
    The reason behind the leak free refilling will almost certainly be due to: "Nicotine, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, can be quite a lethal compound. It's widely recognized to be deadly at doses between 30 and 60 milligrams, making it more dangerous than both arsenic and cyanide." a 10ml refill of the 20mg would contain 200mgs (or enough to kill 3-7 adults if consumed). For scenario think "I've just spilled refill on my hands - darn the baby's crying something - baby sticks finger in mouth - time for a hospital visit."
  • monkey39
    @evilnoodle Check your math - "a 10ml refill of the 20mg would contain 200mgs" is crap. 20mg means 2.0% of the 10ml is nicotine, or 0.2ml. Which means in order for a 10ml ejuice to have 200mg of nicotine, the ejuice would have to be 20% nicotine, or 2.0ml.
  • Bonobo
    Sonya -- I know what most of those words mean, just not in that order. A clue would be much appreciated.
  • Steven
    @monkey39 evilnoodle is correct. Nicotine strengths are expressed as percentages of total liquid volume (e.g., Johnson Creek) or as mg/ml (e.g., Mt Baker Vapor). 10ml of '20mg/ml' e-liquid would indeed carry 200mg or nicotine, and if ingested all at once would likely kill whoever ingested it. Kinda scary.
  • Her L.
    I for one would be much happier with the whole vapists thing if these devices also played a tune whilst in use where instead of dirty old men hacking into their handkerchiefs, a pub smoking shelter would conjure up ideas of a jazz band.

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