The Christmas shopping starts here - with Spader Man figures!

article-1272917831938-09690B9B000005DC-426185_223x335 There’s a long way to go but here’s some of the stuff we’ll be buying for the kids this Christmas – all made in China and harvested by EU customs officials.

There’s Batman on a pink-maned pony (he’s now renamed SilverBat) or there’s the steel-eyed star of the 1980s hit movie, Robert Cop.

Customs officers in the EU seized 178 million counterfeit goods in 2008, with counterfeited toys increasing by 136%. Last week, authorities in Xiamen smashed up more than one million fake items that had been seized when they drove a steamroller over them.

Hopefully it was driven by SilverBat.

[Metro - Thanks to rabid Bitterwallet reader Dan]



  • Ryan
  • cookie
    Does whatever a spader can...
  • Chris
    I lollipopped @ Robert Cop.
  • Brad
    I got a Robert Cop on VHS and a nice Rolla Cola to drink while I watched it.
  • joanne
    is it bad to want these?
  • Fritzel
  • jamie
    haha robert cop
  • init
    I want the Barbie Dil Doh
  • Jerec
    Robert Cop is the best action figure name ever.
  • Ben M.
    Well, I'd buy THAT for a dollar!
  • donttouchthehair
    From the Spaderman packaging: "specifications, colours, and contents may vary from illustrations" So, everything then?
  • PaulH
    Don't fuck with Robert Cop!
  • Simon B.
    Robert Cop for PM. My only question is who the funk the toy is aimed at as surely kids today are a little out of touch with 80s icons?
  • Boss H.
    I have a Terry Minator figure from the Terry Minator films.
  • James S.
    I am actor James Spader and I'm suing them for revealing my secret identity. Fuckers!
  • Roll41
    Peder Pader the amazing Spaderman !
  • Warning: B.
    [...] goods that try and trade on an established brand name. It’s downright trickery and fakery and we’ve lashed out at it with our curled consumer tongue in the past. Spader Man [...]

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