Shoe size mix-up leaves man with useless, clawed canoe

slipper_2031885b Tom Boddingham is a lucky, lucky man. Not only does he live in Ilford, East London, but he is also the owner of what might be the largest slipper in the whole world.

He ordered it online from a Chinese company who are appropriately called Monster Slippers as he has oversized feet, with one larger than the other. One of his feet is a 14.5, which he ordered a customised slipper in, but due to a cock-up at the factory, they sent him a size 1,450 – truly a monster slipper, at 7 feet in length.

Tom told the Telegraph: “It was sent directly from Hong Kong and measures 210 x 130 x 65cms - the same length as a grizzly bear or a family car.” It transpires that the Monster Slipper supremos assumed the giant piece of footwear was supposed to be a shop display model.

But rather than donate the useless article to a homeless old woman like in the nursery rhyme, Tom has got his eye on the big profit, saying: “I'm going to sell it online and if I can make a few quid out of it then all the better.” That’s the spirit, Bigfoot.


  • The B.
    Am I the only one who read this in Metro this morning and thought "marketing stunt"?
  • Andy D.
    Yes. Yes you are.
  • klingelton
    I love this story (i don't care if it's real or not)
  • Mad H.
    No. No you are not
  • The B.
    Andy, is that because you didn't read it in the Metro this morning? Cheers Mad Don, I do like the fact that since she asked about Joe Jennings and his remarkable similarity to Tom Boddingham, the profile pictures have all disappeared from the website, his twitter account has been shut down and they won't return her calls.
  • Boris J.
    My grizzly bear is 250 cm in length so his shoe is rubbish. Still the stunt worked - I'm going to order a dozen pairs for 'Big Ted'. I'm so gullible. Good thing I have my tulip stockpile.
  • Noodles
    Yawnnn..always stealing other peoples stories and also putting on this poor excuse for a blog hours later..journalism at its best..sarcasm!
  • steve
    Sad thing is newspapers reporting this as a story when it was clearly a fake, and then people saying 'its just a bit of fun.' If its in Heat then fine, have your fun but when national presswho claim to report the news of the day, ie factual hapenings, will copy and paste this tosh from a press release while ignoring actuall issues afecting people, well, hard to feel sorry as they struggle to sell newspapers.
  • Yue
    People are falling for this PR stunt? Wait, why am I surprised??
  • Dick
    I just went to their website and tried to order a pair of the massive size. They don't allow you to put dimensions in. I will never use that company, and I feel like sending them a turd in the post.
  • oliverreed
    @The Real Bob - sorry did you say marketing cunt?
  • Andy D.
    I still say it's genuine.
  • Ian
    WTF?? Is dis real??? (No, it's clearly a PR stunt)
  • The B.
    @Andy, I bet you vote Lib Dem too don't you?
  • Wonky H.
    and bum f0xes.
  • Brandon H.
    Can't be genuine. Surely you would notice somethings wrong by the price monster slippers would have to charge, not only for the slipper but also for the postage.
  • alexis
    "Yawnnn..always stealing other peoples stories and also putting on this poor excuse for a blog hours later..journalism at its best..sarcasm!" Yeah, but the text was a lot funnier than the BBC's version.

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