Rip-off Britain charges you £7.23 a pint

rip_off_britainToday is a great day to be British. Just ahead of a glorious four-day weekend, what could we Brits possibly have to complain about? Perhaps the fact that we are top of the euro-leaderboard for getting shafted and paying over the odds for just about everything.

But this isn’t just good old fashioned whingeing, oh no. Our friends over at the European Commission have produced a report pointing out all the ways in which the UK is paying through the nose, while our European neighbours look on and sniff. Forget the Eurozone crisis, our shocking consumer prices will hamper economic recovery and have caused the EC to revise down its forecasts for British economic growth to just 0.5%.

The EC report found that “a combination of relatively high prices and margins....suggests that parts of the UK economy suffer from weak effective competition. In both manufacturing and services, gross operating margins in the UK are among the highest in the EU.”

So we are expensive producers. But we can’t get anywhere cheaply either- the report was shocked at the cost of our rail fares. Tell us something we don’t know. “The total cost per passenger kilometre of the rail network in the UK is around 70% higher than the average cost in a sample of four comparable rail systems...However, rail fares continue to be raised from already high levels…”  And air travel isn’t much better “Aviation is taxed [in the UK] more than in any other member state via air passenger duty.”

So let’s all throw carbon polluting caution to the wind and just drive everywhere instead. So long as we can get past every other person doing the same thing, that is “for each kilometre of motorway, 113 million passenger vehicle kilometres are driven nationally each year, against 47 million in Germany, 39 million in France and 36 million in the US. In addition, UK roads carry more freight per kilometre of motorway than any other major economy apart from Japan.”

To be honest, we may as well all stay at home- then we don’t have to be expensive workers, paying a fortune to get to work. Not to mention paying for someone to look after the kids while we’re at work…“full-time pre-school childcare is still rare, insufficiently flexible and expensive. Alongside Ireland, childcare costs in the UK are higher than in any other EU country.”

So it looks like rip-off Britain is alive and well and encouraging us all to sit on our bottoms and do nothing productive. Why don’t we all go to the Olympics instead?

Well, rip-off seems to be the unofficial motto of the games, with the official food and drink prices having now been announced. While the range of foods have been chosen to reflect the diversity of Britain, the drink prices are certainly only indicative of the Chelsea set. Heineken ‘beer’ is set to cost £7.23 a pint and wine a mere £19.20 a bottle. Other official drinks prices are as follows:

Bottled water – £1.60
Fairtrade Tea from £2.00
Fairtrade Coffee from £2.60
500ml bottle of Coca Cola – £2.30
330ml bottle of Heineken – £4.20
London 2012 red wine 18.7cl – £4.80

However, Games caterers Locog’s chief executive Paul Deighton said the pricing was reasonable. Well he would, wouldn’t he.

"We want everyone who attends the Games this summer to have a fantastic experience and central to this is the food and drink that’s available," he said. “We believe that our prices are more than comparable to those found at other major sporting events which because of their temporary nature are often more expensive than the high street.”

The full list of Olympic food and drink prices can be found on the Telegraph website.


  • Mike H.
    Sup with that? They've identified that if you want to go to the olympics, when you wouldn't ordinarily give two shits, makes you a cunt. So they charge you through the arse for it becasue they know your thick enough. Dick-ends.
  • Shaniaa
    lol! and people wonder why shops like lidl, iceland and aldi's are going so well?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha!
  • Andy M.
    Mike Hock is a typo surely, Mike Cock more like. What a prize wanker!
  • Idi A.
    @ Andy Moore You're new here, aren't you?
  • Jeebus
    Well, let's face it, if you've spent a couple of hundred of quid to watch archery then you deserve having your wallet raped every time you go the bar.
  • brian
    You can take an empty water bottle into the olympic venues and fill it up at a free water fountain........their generosity underwhelms me!
  • SJT
    It's nothing new - it was £5 for a bottle of crappy Carlsberg at Wembley - at least you're getting a 'premium' beer at the Olympics.
  • Andrew
    Visit Sweden, where I now live, and then you can complain that everything is expensive. A 330ml beer here is 65SEK and up. That's around £6 in real money.
  • shoplifter
    Games caterers Locog’s chief executive Paul Deighton us all a favour-just fuck off and take the shitty olympics with you , oh and this tat as well
  • The B.
    @Jeebus, I paid £140 for 2 tickets to the archery final, what's the problem with that?
  • Jeebus
    Well then, The "Real" Bob, you won't mind forking out for overpriced piss.
  • Steve
    Fuck 'em. If they choose to go and watch that wank, they deserve to be ripped off.
  • Spencer
    We want everyone who attends the Games this summer to have a fantastic experience and central to this is the food and drink that’s available,” I would think that central to the Olympic games... is sport? I don't see how comically overpriced food and drink is central to an international sporting competition?
  • Brit A.
    Sounds about right. I was at Gillette stadium (Foxborough MA, home of New England Patriots) last weekend, paid $10 for a pint, it was $8 a can at Fenway (Boston Red Sox) and $23 for a 3 pint pitcher outside the stadium. At $1.5 to the £, that's pretty pricey drinking
  • Alan P.
    Who gives two shits about the Olympics anyway? I won't be going unless they make monkey tennis an official sport. Tossers!
  • kv
    and fox bumming Alan :D
  • The B.
    @Jeebus, not following your logic there son, why would I not mind?
  • Apple C.
    I'm English and I live abroad. And I pay SHITLOADS for old crap. But because I live abroad, I don't care, ha ha ha I piss on you English still living in England. Ha Ha Ha. Did I mention that I live abroad. And not it England. And it's really expensive living abroad. I'm a cunt. But I live abroad.
  • Apple C.
    @BritAbroad ^^^^ This wasn't at you btw, but that knob living in Sweden.
  • Apple C.
    You sound ok.
  • The B.
    Still no response eh? I'll assume that you don't have an answer and are simply bitter because a) I have tickets or b) I can afford tickets, either way, I pity you.
  • Buster G.
    Yeah, fucking corporate wembley cunts! £55 per ticket... 85091 attending... £4.5mil. Then the wankers have the audacity to charge £4.75 for a bottle of piss. £8 fucking 20p for a pint. Arse-raping ball lickers. I could piss in the empties and sell it for that price... to the retards willing to pay it!
  • Jeebus
    Listen Son, The real bob ? I am sure I have met you, fat sales twat, mentally challenged, wife beater, dog kicker, sales rep for a well known company, enjoy ur work while it lasts Sonny Boy...
  • ronald m.
    is the N H S in such a state,i had to pay 20p for a bottle to give a urine sample

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