Pig Association urges consumers to boycott bacon

16 August 2013

some raw bacon, yesterday.
some raw bacon, yesterday.

We always like a good bacon story here at Bitterwallet and today is no exception. The National Pig Association (NPA) have urged consumers to boycott bacon over poor conditions for the pigs growing the bacon, as some countries are ignoring EU edicts on pig conditions.

You will be pleased to hear that British bacon is fine for munching, as the UK outlawed sow stalls back in 1999. However, some of our closest neighbours are thumbing their nose at the EU ban, which came into force seven months ago, and the EU started infringement proceedings against nine countries in February – Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland and Portugal. Five more reprobates, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Finland, and Slovenia are still being investigated.

The NPA have drawn up a ‘Wall of Fame’ to persuade retailers and food companies to pledge they will not import pork and pork products from non-compliant European pig farms. The association is even carrying out spot checks, to ensure badged companies are sticking to their word.

NPA general manager Dr Zoe Davies  said "sow stalls are narrow cages. They make life easier for pig farmers, but they are medieval in the eyes of British consumers because the sows spend most of their lives being able to do little more than stand up and lie down."

But now that you know that Danish bacon (amongst others) is bad, will you boycott it as requested? Or do you not care about the living conditions of your meat before you eat it?


  • Mike O.
    I should think the main buyers of bacon are the supermarkets and they wont give a flying f**k where it comes from so long as its cheap. And the punters in said supermarkets wont be aware of this boycott so will carry on buying whatever they normally get. Or pigs might fly I suppose.
  • Warwick H.
    Only the idiots in this Govt and the last take any notice of the EU rules.

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