Payment card surcharge ban staggers towards us from the horizon...

15 June 2012

access Consumers could soon be waving their arms wildly in sheer delight, if the government follow through on their notion to ban companies from levying surcharges on punters when they use credit and debit cards.

The Consumer Affairs Minister Norman Lamb has announced that the government will be consulting on a ban for the added charges, one of the things that it guaranteed to make steam emerge from the ears of enraged citizens everywhere.

Previous governmental utterances on the matter suggest that businesses should only be allowed to levy “a small charge to cover their actual costs for using any particular form of payment”. Anything above and beyond that will be outlawed, if our dear leaders stick to their guns on the matter.

But how keen is Cameron’s Army to push ahead with the new laws? It’s all in line with new EU consumer rights which gives the government until 13th December 2013 to ‘adopt and publish’ new laws including a payment surcharge ban, with the laws being applicable from 13th June 2014. Only two years to go then, in all probability…

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  • kv
    don't worry, Ryanair will find another way to screw you out of your money
  • Jazman
    I wonder if DVLA and TV Licensing will stop their surcharges. Bunch of surcharging c#nts.
  • Mr M.
    Things like this never save the consumer money -companies won't take a hit on their profits, they'll just hide the costs in the normal price -the government used the word consulting, this always means hugely expensive bills to be told the obvious..
  • me
    TV Licensing is already a surcharge anyway!
  • zax
    Fking TV licensing needs to be scrapped. No one watched the shite on BBC. would have been better if I paid Sky £120 for the year! At least then, I could have watched some decent TV.
  • me
    If they scrap the TV licensing where will the hippies find a job?
  • Idi A.
    What's a TV licence?
  • Steve
    Pay sky £120 a year? What exactly is it you think you could watch on sky for £10 a month?
  • Whatever
    I may be missing the point but I'm thinking down the line of the local newsagent who charges 50p if you do not spend a fiver, 50p that they have to pay to the card machine issuer / bank per transaction anyway? You scabby fuc*ers - I loath you penny pinching little drains on Britons resources assuming that everybody owes you something and no body needs to make an income! What I hate more is people who moan about prices they have no understanding of! Untighten your belts you stingy gits - you can't take it with you!
  • AnotherSteve
    "...least then, I could have watched some decent TV...." What?? From Rupert Murdoch ? What's laughable about Sky supporters is their willingness to pay a subscription fee (the average income per subscriber on Sky is £410) and then put up with the 15mins of adverts in every hour. If you took away the terrestrial broadcasters on Sky (BBC 1,2,3,4, iTV ( lost count ) ch4 and 5) what are you left with ? Poundshop programmes for the gormless who like being treated as if they had the attention span of a gnat.

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