Orange and T-Mobile merger gets the green light. Can it really be a good thing?


They’ve both tried to shaft their customers in the past year by changing their terms and conditions detrimentally, and now it seems that an Orange/T-Mobile superpower is just days away from birth.

The EU have given them authority to fast-track a merger which could happen as soon as this week, in spite of concerns from the OFT and Ofcom. The merger will give the depressing duo a huge 37% share of the UK mobile market, making them comfortably the biggest operator around.

But if you’re an Orange or T-Mobile customer, what do you think it will mean for you? More competitive pricing for handsets and tariffs? Less choice in the marketplace and therefore worse value for money. A larger customer base for the new company to handle leading to out-and-out chaos and a string of unbelieveable fuck ups? Or no change whatsoever?

And what the hell are they going to call the new company? T-Orange? Orangemobile? The Orange Mob? Surely it can only end in horrible tears…


  • dandoc2
    Will this give tmobile customers the chance to either leave or move to orange for tariff?
  • Mobile G.
    Overall Operator Rankings 1. O2 1. Vodafone. 3. T-Mob/Orange 4. Three
  • Anon
    Of course it's a good instead of having to watch out for TWO just have to keep an eye on the one...
  • Ben
    @dandoc2 Nope. Your contract will remain the same, and still be provided by T-Mobile therefor you're still locked in.
  • Mark P.
    It will be called 'T'Orange' and its HQ will be in Yorkshire.
  • Jay
    How cert are they that they may start sharing masts and stuff? My orange signal here doesnt seem to travel through the thick walls of my house! But t-mobile gets 4/5 bars, pretty much full. Some of the latest t-mobile deals, albeit 24 month, have been good value for money. I personally don't care about contract length as I buy my phones separate anyway!
  • YO W.
    Monkeys are nice xxxx
  • Will
    Logo looks slightly like a condom :P
  • delrio
    what jay said but in reverse, was planning on moving to orange cos it's the only company that seems to get a signal through our walls (which in itself is worrying), but i hate their tarrif choices, so sticking with t-mobile but getting orange signal would be great for me
  • Laurz
    I'm the same as jay (and the reverse of delrio), I'm with orange because of their tarrifs but the signal is crap (I phone them once a month and ask if its going to get any better and ALWAYS get told the local mast is down. they wont tell me which local mast though because the closest three to my house that i can find all give me great signal when i get nearer them). My contract expired a few days ago so it would be really good if an announcement was made about whether they will share masts and when. Perhaps bitterwallet could use their media power and put the question to orange/tmobile?
  • Robbiej
    Another Complete Load of Bollocks - for the Customer but a Superb Opportunity to Con,Lie,Swizz & generally cheat the Customer from the provider....

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