Groupon rapped by ASA over savings claim which proves we should do our own research

Steady on, Groupon.

Another week and another ASA ruling on a daily deals site. This time it is the turn of Groupon to get a complaint against them upheld. We must say though, in Groupon's defence, they don't appear as often as KGB Deals in the ASA rulings.

This complaint centred around a daily deal for "an Afternoon Tea with Sparkling Wine for two at Danubius Hotel, Regents Park (53% off)". The cause for complaint was because this deal was actually 5p cheaper than the Groupon offer by going straight to the hotel website and booking up.

Groupon responded to the ASA by stating that they have procedures in place to ensure that this type of thing should never happen and is also part of the contractual obligations of the advertising business. Having used a few of these daily deal sites in the past, the price of the offer and the prospective discount is usually how we quickly determine whether it is actually a good deal.

Whilst this might look like a genuine mistake it still shows that we should all be running our own checks instead of getting carried away with the discount. Always check the business out and whether they have a better price on their own site. In the past we have also seen many new businesses selling their goods via Groupon. This might not be a concern for most but it again does prove that a little more work should go into checking out the retailer that is sending you the goods or providing a service.

Or, you could just see an offer for "Three Courses with Cock..." and not think twice about getting that booked up.



  • Chris
    So the moral of the story is use common sense?
  • Yubba B.
    Groupon are lying scamming bar stewards they even help retailers / advertiser manipulate the pricing and provide websites to assist with this. You have to be a first class mug to fall for their pricing and claims

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