Commercial Break: Monk exploitation in the name of selling chocolate

Here’s some Impressive and Important stuff from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (we capitalised those words to highlight just how Impressive and Important it all is).

They’ve come a long way from the drumming gorilla, all the way to a monastery of Chinese monks, all of them armed with what are apparently helium balloons. Thing is, helium balloons would all float up to the ceiling instead of bobbing around as they do here. Balloon fail, as the teenagers say.

Additionally, the Cadbury’s crew have gone all the way to China, filmed some actually proper Chinese monks, and got them to do sod all really. Vote Galaxy is what we say to all of that. Or get back to the drawing board and put some lipstick on the drumming gorilla.


  • Boycott C.
    Nice to see that closing the plant in Somerdale, and making all those people redundant has meant that they can afford to pay all those people to be in their adverts. It's not even good enough that it won't be forgotten tomorrow.
  • Boycott C.
    p.s. I spell it with a C deliberately because they are all C words.
  • Boris
    Not-so-fast with the "Balloon Fail" Andy. If they are on a very high mountain the air density would be a somewhat less and the helium balloons would not have the same buoyancy so may indeed fall. The height required above sea level for a baloon to behave in the way observed would be ~1.7 km for a rubber balloon of the size shown (one has to take into account the weight of the rubber) However the helium would diffuse through the simple rubber balloons that are shown are a more rapid rate then normal; for extended funification they should use metallic foil.

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