Commercial Break: Massive leap forward in cleavage technology from China

If we needed any further proof that the entire world is soon to be in the clutches of the Chinese, then this is it – they’ve only gone and damn well reinvented cleavage enhancement!

They’re (unsexily) calling it the Cleavage Clamp and it’s like a kind of corset thing that hoists up the ‘boobies’ (as we believe they’re called) whenever the cord is pulled. It’s an amazing invention and we’re mesmerised by the FIVE MINUTE infomercial that carefully explains what is a simple, but ingenious concept.

Oh, and happy International Women’s Day everybody!


  • Busty M.
    Where can I buy one?
  • Young T.
    I dont think im old enough to watch this.
  • Jo
    Wonderbra have been using a similar concept for decades. It has a drawstring in the middle which can be pulled tighter for a 'pushed together' insteand cleavage effect. I think the marketed it as sort of a day to evening thing... as if girls only deserve cleavage in the afternoons! Pah!
  • Jo
    It's also now on a Chinese wholesalers site maketed as a '3G Upgrade body!
  • Dick
    Fuck that, cook me a pancake bitch.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] It was International Women’s Day yesterday and Commercial Break solemnly marked the occasion by bringing you an ad filled with Chinese women squeezing their knockers together. [...]
  • Seamaster
    Never mind that, I've got a shirt needs ironing.
  • Peat
    any bitch of mine with flab like that, get the boot! i like wee tits!

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