Commercial Break: Chinese rule of Mother Earth surely just weeks away

The Chinese are coming! Or at least that’s the underlying message that we get from this terrifying Chinese KFC advert, which makes the current goings-on in the Middle East seem like a playground skirmish.

In it, a fake Barack Obama roars ‘Change is good!’ into the camera, suggesting to us that that the actual President of the United States of A would be perfectly comfortable with the Chinese tanks to roll on to the lawn of the White House, just as long as he gets a chicken burger as part of the deal.

We don’t see the puffed-up dunderheads at Wikileaks revealing any of THIS kind of thing…


  • Mark C.
    Er, isn't that some sort of fish burger though, hence the slice of lemon, tartar sauce and the whacking great fish fillet they show in the ad? And, y'know, the whole 'change' message (with it's racially dubious suggestion that black people largely only eat fried chicken).
  • Idi A.
    De fried chicken? Mmm! I is loving it.

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