Commercial Break: All hail the Hover Car!

Finally the hover car is coming! We’ve been promised it by the voices inside our heads for decades now, and at last it looks as though it could with us soon.

As you can clearly see here,* the Chinese have pioneered it in conjunction with VW, and the voices in our heads say that it should be available to buy from June 2013, for only £9,999 on the road.

(*in what is a made up and fictional ‘viral’)


  • Ben K.
    These aren't the orientals you're looking for.
  • confused c.
    More of the usual BW inaccurate reporting 'on the road' ??
  • Craig
    This is the future of cow tipping
  • bob
    Will this tow my 8 berth caravan?
  • Mike H.
    No indicators, sure it's not a BMW?

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