Chinese man buys van with huge pile of 10p notes

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Any of you thrifty sorts still save loose change in a big whisky bottle or a large sock? You definitely should because, as they say, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

A Chinese businessman, know only and enigmatically as Mr Zhao, has been saving up pocket change over the years and finally traded it all in (all £9,500 of it) for… a van.

Mr Zhao pitched up at his local van dealership in Jining, in northern Shandong province with bundles of the notes, none of them worth more than about 10p and extra staff were brought in to count it all. Yeah, cos THAT would happen in a UK dealership wouldn’t it avid readers?

It took a bunch of them more than a day but in the end, the cash amount was confirmed as being correct and Mr Zhao tootled off in his new van.

But, in a development that we’ve just made up to enhance the story a bit, tragedy struck within minutes as he lost control of the van and ploughed it into the side of a tunnel. He’ll never be forgotten – he was the People’s Chinese Businessman.

So then, just how much loose change have you got squirreled away around your house and what could you buy with it?



  • M4RKM
    I think I have enough in 2p coins for a Greggs Sausage Roll....
  • Whisky
    I have 18p and a button, and thats not just loose change. Thats everything.
  • klingelton
    i aint even got enough 2p's for a fucking penny sweet anymore. damn labour.
  • lightning101
    Taking it to a bank with counting machines obviously never crossed this "businessman's" mind. I'm not doing noise of the coins in a jar joke either, oh no !!
  • Jano
    Ok, am I the only one that noticed this... What the hell is a 10p note???
  • Palmface
    Of course it would happen in this country, anyone who has ever worked in retail has had to deal with the utter arsehole who shows up with a bag full of the 1ps and 2ps...
  • Andy D.
    @Jano - seemingly, it's Chinese currency.
  • DragonChris
    +1 with Palmface. Seen it plenty of times.
  • Paddy
    @ Palmface Coinage Act of 1971 look it up, your days of accepting muppets coppers are over.
  • The B.
    Last time I went into somewhere (a local hardware stop) and paid £7 in loose change, he was really grateful, it saves him paying £6 per £100 of change to the bank every time he needed some.

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