Check your iTunes account, it could have been sold in China

In the same week that iTunes celebrated its 10th birthday, the story broke that around 50,000 iTunes accounts had been compromised and were up for sale on a Chinese auction website called

According to The Register, many of the accounts on offer "recommend buyers use the accounts in the 12 hours immediately after the sale" and "contain disclaimers from Taobao stating that the website isn't responsible for the items sold and can't vouch for their authenticity."

Bitterwallet - iTunes details for sale in China

The website may be responsible for problems of two avid Bitterwallet readers, Mark and Jo, who contacted us on Friday. Both were attempting to download apps from the iTunes Store, and both found their password had been reset. They have since reset their passwords again and unlinked the credit cards associated with their accounts.

There are no details of how the accounts were hacked, so there may be another explanation for Mark and Jo's troubles. Meanwhile the Global Times, which originally reported the story says:

Xu Yuanzhi, a Chongqing-based IT expert who has been following the case, told the Global Times that hackers either directly hack iTunes accounts owned by foreign users or steal the details of overseas credit cards, which are then used to register several iTunes accounts for purchases.

If you do spot any unusual activity on your account, reset your password and check your credit card statements immediately.


  • The B.
    Simply don't give jobs any details, jailbreak your phones and download apps onto your phone for free.
  • Andrew
    Logo made using WordArt = untrustworthy.
  • Wendy
    I had one of these emails this morning from Apple saying my payment details had been amended, so I just logged in and Bingo - my itunes cards have been cleared out and some chinese purchases made... contacting Apple now to find out next steps - thanks for alerting me though...
  • brian
    would be interesting if these itunes accounts were mac users or PC users. If Mac then maybe there is a virus/trojan out in the wild for OSX
  • Jo
    Thanks for posting this Paul, not enough people are aware of these goings on in my opinon. It seems Apple are refusing to comment or put any effort into making their users aware. I've been advising all my friends to check their accounts and a couple of them have seen their accounts compromised also, and were not aware until it was too late. It's terrible that Apple are keeping so quiet about this! It seems better security is needed for itunes accounts I've read a lot of bad articles about them lately.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Check your iTunes account, it could have been sold in China [...]
  • Chris
    I noticed my account became diasbled over the weekend, and initially didnt think anything of it. When I logged in on Monday morning I found that I had had £90 removed from my card. I contacted iTunes, who basically couldn't give a damn and suggested that my bank account had been broken into rather than their site and that I should deal with it through my bank. I have done this and hopefully will get the money back. Really disapointed that Apple believe themselves to be so big as to care.
  • Eugene S.
    could someone else please elaborate on this, I would like to find out more, thanks
  • d&b f.
    This was the information I had to know.
  • Check o.
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