Can I Have A Smarlties McFluzzy With My Hippy Meal Please?

We love similar-sounding rip-off brand names here at Bitterwallet. We’ve got the full range of Disley cartoon movies on CD-R, we regularly dress from head to foot in labels like Tony Hilfinger, Girgios Armada and Rolph Lauda. Hell, from time to time we even check in on the website of our same-sounding enemies at

So with that in mind, it looks as though this year’s Bitterwallet Summer Expedition (like its Blue Peter namesake only with more farting) will be taking us to Nanjing in China, home of the counterfeit shopping mall.

Our jaws will be scraping along the floor as we visit such nearly-legendary names as McDnoald’s, Bucksstar Coffee, and Pizza Huh. Naik, Farrari, Nokla, Adidos and A&G will be some of the almost-famous brand names on our shopping list. Want a Polystation console? No problem – drop us a line along with a blank cheque and we’ll bring you one back.

Hopefully the trend will spread the world and we’ll be flying back into Hedgerow Airport before getting a Natural Excess train back to BWHQ. Fingers crossed!


  • Anon
    Alright, now thats more like it!
  • jobby2
    I'll have a Polystation 3 Please and a Nuntendo Why. Do you accept American Axpress?
  • Dan
    What happens a few years after these fake brands have been on the market? Do they become mainstream brands of their own? If so, will china then open a 2nd set of malls for fake versions of the already fake brands?
  • andy y.
    God knows what they call FCUK
  • daks
    I once recieved a present from my lovely brother, a nice GUGGI watch, hmmm stopped working after a day....
  • Chairman
    @Posted by andy of yarm: You have been awarded comment of the week.
  • Ray F.
    Thats nothing - you can actually buy baseball caps which have 4 different brands on one cap. You will get Calvin Kleen, Adidos, Ruma and Reebox! No lie!
  • Chairman
    Chavs call them "Reebox" anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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