Bitterwallet poll - are you a Groupon groupie?

26 May 2011

Bitterwallet - Groupon dealGroupon has become a way of life for many frugal consumers. Their daily deals promise at least 50% off a whole host of products and services; there are plenty of imitators, meaning dozens of offers and vouchers flooding inboxes and social media every day.

But while there are seemingly plenty of satisfied customers, there are some scathing of Groupon, their customer services and the businesses ultimately offerings the deals. Here's a snapshot of Groupon complaints posted on MeasuredUp:

"All was well till we realised that the boots and seats had not been cleaned (not even vacuumed). The company asked if I'd read the small print from Groupon. I couldn't even find any, never mind read it. Apparently the service we bought into is normally £35 and doesn't include any work on the boot or seats! We usually get our cars valeted much more thoroughly for £14. The company were very pleasant about it, but essentially blamed Groupon."

"They sold me a days sailing on a huge white motorboat (they pictured the type seen in the south of France), when in fact Liverpool Watersports Centre do not own anything that remotely resembles this vessel. The lesson is in fact on a small black motorised dinghy. At £59 this was a terrible purchase for my husbands birthday and I wish I had bought him something else. Groupon have not replied to any e-mails and I have been mislead by their advertising."

"I purchased a beauty voucher for my girlfriend, however, when she tried to use it the venue explained that more places had been sold than they could accomodate. I have since e mailed Groupon 3 times requesting the procedure for a refund. To date there is no reply."

Of course, punters are more likely to complain than they are to praise, so negative comments are likely to be amplified - but as an avid BItterwallet reader, you're no doubt a fan of a bargain too. So today's poll - are you a Groupon groupie? Have you done the daily deal dozens of times or would your rather stay clear? Cast your vote in the poll below and let us know what you think in the comments.


  • Darren
    Know the deal. Read the small print. At the end of the day, you are getting something a lot cheaper than you would normally, so you do have to make sure you read the small print. I use it now and again, only last week I got £19 for £40 to spend in Calvin Klein Underwear, and as I only buy my underwear in that shop, and I did want some more, it was the perfect deal for me. But I only ever buy the deals that will get me things cheaper that I was going to but anyway. I also brought 25 qty of meals from Banglor Expresss curry takeaway in the city for £1.50 each (normally £6) and that saved me a lot of money at lunch times for a while, and the food was very good. But I also did the Wrap-it-up one, and their food was not so good, so I did end up having to have 15 sub standard wraps, but they only cost £1 each, (normally £5) so It was worth the sacrifice. but most the deals on there are to get you to buy things you do not need or want. you just have to look out for the good ones! Darren.
  • Nik
    The deals seem to be quite narrow in focus. I've been subscribing for a few weeks and so many of the deals seem to be for laser hair removal or holidays in Egypt. Neither of which interest me If you substituted these for viagra and enlargement of the gentleman's tackle, it'd be going straight into my spam folder. Not sure why I'm bothering...
  • Dick
    I referred some people to some shit deal and got loads of free credit which I spent on 2 36"x24" canvas photos, which were good for nought.
  • Andyew
    Have any of these customers phoned Groupon to complain? My dad bought a voucher that was oversubscribed. He phoned Groupon to complain and the refund was in his bank account before he got off the phone.
  • Mark C.
    You really do get what you pay for. I buy meal deals from them quite often, in the knowledge I'll still probably end up spending another forty-odd quid in starters, drinks and side dishes (flogging you a main course where the trimmings are largely extra seems to be quite common) but it still means I can eat at decent restaurants more often than without the deals.
  • Max
    Agree with the deals being quite narrow in focus. We no longer manufacture anything in the UK, we remove unwanted hair via lasers. However, we also get deals for restaurants. They include many excellent places we been to, and many we didn't know existed - We've found some real gems. It is worthwhile reading the small print. One bar/restaurant we booked with said they'd had a lot of agro with the deal they posted, as it was valid for weekday lunchtime only. The waitress said that, some 3 months on, they still field calls from irate customers wanting to make a booking for Saturday night.

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