Battle for daily deals hots up, with Google Offers vs Groupon

So far, in the UK at least, daily deal websites such as Groupon and its many clones like Living Social (and Coupon for Porn) have taught consumers the power of group buying, and occasionally sold us something more appealing than teeth-whitening or another family portrait.

Late to the party, Google did the maths and figured out that Groupon was onto a winner, and promptly attempted to buy the business for $6 billion. Groupon didn't take the bait, frustrating Google's ongoing plans for world domination. Well, not quite. If you can't beat them, copy them - news broke last night of Google Offers, which will shortly be rolled out.

Late last night, Techcrunch broke the story and posted a link to Google's business literature on Scribd - looks oddly familiar:

Bitterwallet - Google Offers

The step-by-step instruction suggest a more automated system for businesses to post deals, with minimal involvement from Google; Groupon currently have sales representatives in all major towns and cities. That's how Google do business so it's no big surprise, and it could provide businesses far more room to experiment - that may mean far more deals from Google Offers, but whether they're a good deal for the consumer is the big question. If nothing else, Groupon does seem to ensure customers the deals are honest and customers aren't short-changed.

Bitterwallet contacted Groupon's UK office this morning, but they declined to comment at this time.


  • kv
    talk about market saturation
  • dvdj
    Jesus, I bet the $6Billion would be looking pretty attrative in 6months time. You got a source for that figure, seems massive to me.
  • The B.
    "Groupon does seem to ensure customers the deals are honest and customers aren’t short-changed." You are kidding right? I'm still waiting for a refund on a spa deal I bought my missus and her mate, when she went to use it the chain had "gone into administration" and re-opened as a new chain (classic Cayman Isles stuff there). Anyway, a nice chap based in India told me that my refund had been processed, had it bollocks, anyway, I need to do something about that.

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