Apple stuff made by ickle Chinese children while irate Mexican workers burn down Mac factory

Bitterwallet - Apple keynote on Setember 7th? Attention Apple users! You probably think you’re so smug don’t you, with your iPods and your iPhones and your this and that and the sleekly-designed other. Well you’re not. Because all of your aesthetically-pleasing gizmos are built by CHILD SLAVES!

Yes, they’re ALL assembled in Far Eastern caves by 999 blind nine-year-olds who work at lightning speeds for fear of getting a good hiding from the riding crop of the evil henchman who runs the gaff.

Suicide rates are at an all-time high and work-related stress statistics are so huge that they cannot be accurately measured. And all of this so that you can play Peggle on your frigging iPhone on the bus to work in the mornings. Still feeling smug are you? Well?


Of course, we’ve exaggerated just a smidgeon there, but the truth is that child workers have been discovered to be earning illicit corn working for Apple in their Chinese manufacturing plants. Eleven 15-year olds to be precise, as discovered during an Apple audit of its supply companies. The minimum work age in China is 16.

In fact, it’s all going a bit tits up for Apple at the moment when it comes to some of their supply sources. A Reuters reporter was allegedly roughed up by guards outside a Foxconn factory in Guanlan, China, where Apple gear is manufactured and Foxconn workers in Mexico recently burned down part of their factory where Macs and iPods are believed to be assembled, because they were pissed off at the management.

Interesting – certainly beats nicking the stationary and making your toilet breaks drag out for longer than is really necessary.


  • charitynjw
    Terrible - they should be up chimneys lol
  • raptorcigs
    glad i have no apple products
  • Nobby
    Those kids should think themselves lucky, getting paid to touch apple products.
  • Apple S.
    And this is the kind of working practices that the T*ories want to bring to the UK!!!!
  • Invincible
    And you wonder why your idiots toys are built like shit... thats cos they are made with tender loving care lol
  • Wobwob
    Its a well-known fact that Apple products are time-bomb, they have an internal counter running to automatically shut down after x amount of days/running time, whatever comes first.
  • Orange
    Who the fuck needs an Apple product? What practical use are they to anyone? Apple products are nothing more than a fashion statement for tossers to show of with in front of their "mates"
  • maxtweenie
    It's funny how people can spell words like 'frigging' and 'tits', but struggle with the difference between stationery and stationary. Tits.
  • raptor
    Why the fuck to Apple release black and white, 1 mb fannypads to the mug punters when steve jobs already has a colour, i tb version. Do Apple build in obsolescence? And why oh why are Apple products designed to scratch to fuck as soon as you look at them?
  • Amanda H.
    Thats why I buy from Dell. Their products are made in Willy Wonkas factory, by the village people singing lollypop.
  • Wiily W.
    That's right, Amanda Hugginkiss, the BBC screened a documentary at Christmas-time (just after the Wizard of Oz) showing the happy elfs at work in my factory assembling keyboards and other goodies.
  • blahblahblah
    I'm no Apple fan, but if you believe the take from Engadget on this story (, their argument is that Apple is one of the few companies that actually do this kind of checking in the first place, which implies many (most? all?) other companies would probably find themselves in similar hot water if they were to investigate. Still have no interest in buying anything from Apple though.
  • In_support_of_Apple o.
    What a bunch of whiners! You think if Apple closed all their factories that life would turn into the Emerald City for these poor countries. How do you think it was for Brits or Americans 75yrs ago. They all slaved away in steel mills, mines and factorys. It's an evolution of society. If you want to complain, you can put the top 20% of the worlds manufacturers on the list, because they are all building in India, China, Korea and Taiwan. If it wasn't for companies like Apple and Microsoft you wouldn't even be here writing on this blog. I bet all of you have canceled your newspapers and put your local employers out of business. So quit whining and be part of the solution.
  • A B.
    [...] In response to all this, a Foxconn spokesperson issued a statement saying that the company’s treatment of its workers is “world class” and their website states that they have been named “Best Company to Make Employee Feel Blessed” in 2006 and was judged to be among the “Best Employers in China” in 2006 and 2005. Alas, it isn’t the first time they’ve been featured on these pages. [...]

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