Apple changes terms to allow 14 day refund window on iTunes and AppStore

ITUNESWe’ve all done it, been drunk in charge of a smart device pre-loaded with payment details that has enabled us to make an ill-considered iTunes purchase. However, unless we are compos mentis enough to realise what we have done within a relatively short period of time, when purchasing digital content, our deranged purchases remain stuck with us for ever.

However, now Apple have made a change to their terms and conditions for iTunes and the AppStore which allows users to return digital content within a 14 day period to comply with the EU Consumer Rights Directive enacted earlier this year.

Apple’s terms now state: “Right of cancellation: If you choose to cancel your order, you may do so within 14 days from when you received your receipt without giving any reason, except iTunes Gifts which cannot be refunded once you have redeemed the code” which suggests that you can get a refund within 14 days of the emailed receipt whether or not you have downloaded the content. However, conflicting reports suggest that refunds will only be permitted  where you haven’t actively downloaded the content yourself- although automatic downloads could be OK. While this would cover a drunken or child-instigated purchase in error, that wouldn’t help you if you downloaded the wrong song, or the wrong version of a song for example, when you only realised your mistake after downloading. And surely “without any reason” means you may merely have changed your mind, something covered by the Consumer Rights Directive.

Also, it seems the refund process might not be completely automated, requiring you to ‘report a problem’ or make a written statement in order to start the process. Apple states it will refund users within two weeks of being notified of the order being cancelled/ the product deleted.

Google Play Music already offers EU customers a 14 day refund period over the seven day period offered to customers elsewhere in the world. Apple terms on refunds do not apply outside the EU.

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  • John f.
    My child was using my phone while I was away and downloaded items without my knowledge

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