AmazonLocal now bringing daily deals to the UK

amazonlocal Amazon have thrown their hat into the crowded daily deals – and it might as well be a BOMB HAT for all the potential damage it could do. Yeah? Yeah!

AmazonLocal has been going in most of the USA’s major cities over the past year and is now in the UK, starting off in London for now, although we’d expect the service to spread throughout the land sooner rather than later.

"Our aim is to be the place where customers can come to find anything that they want to buy online, so offering great deals from local businesses like restaurants, spas and theatres is a logical addition to the tens of millions of products that can already be found at Amazon," said Gordon Willoughby, director of AmazonLocal for Europe. Although he WOULD say that wouldn’t he?

Customers of AmazonLocal who use their Amazon credit cards can also score cool, exciting Amazon points, or whatever the hell they’re called. The move comes as the likes of Groupon lose value and other similar daily deal providers are being criticised for their levels of customer service.

If Amazon can improve the daily deals experience, they could well clean up and become the predominant player in the game (and it IS a game). Or it might be like the time they said they were going to start selling groceries – that went a bit tits up didn’t it?

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