60 watt light bulbs - get 'em while you still can

light-bulb Don’t go anywhere that sells light bulbs today people – you might be caught up in some kind of wild consumer stampede. That’s because production of old-style 60 watt light bulbs has come to an end as of today, and that once existing stocks have sold out, they will be GONE – like a light that’s been turned out. Do you see what we did there?

The ban has been forced by the EU busybodies even though retailers say that the demand for the traditional incandescent bulbs remains strong. The EU are committed to a reduction of energy consumption by 20 per cent by the year 2020, when presumably we’ll all be wandering around like moles, conditioned into half-blindness by unacceptable light regulations.

As a result, scores of us are stockpiling the old-style bulbs, unhappy with the quality of their modern, energy-efficient replacements. Main complaints are that they aren’t as bright and that they don’t work with dimmer switches, often creating a scene that maybe belongs in the middle of a dream sequence in a David Lynch film.

This is an issue that we’re sure provokes some illuminating opinions (do you see what we did there again?). Let us know yours in the little box below.


  • steve
    "unhappy with the quality of their modern, energy-efficient replacements." You mean unhappy with the one they tried 10 years ago, and have no idea the bulbs have changed?
  • Alexis
    I've already stockpiled my 150W bulbs! Energy saving ones save energy because they kick out half as much light. 20W compact fluorescent = 100W incandescent my arse. Not to worry - you can just buy them on ebay from the USA or China.
  • I b.
    I can't see a problem, least not when using my compact fluorescent bulb (see what I did there). Seriously, there is no excuse for using those old mini-heaters as light bulbs when the better brands on modern compact fluorescents work so well.
  • Matt
    I find these new bulbs to be excellent for the creation of migraines. I also feel happy in the knowledge that I'll have to spend about £20 on a special version that works with dimmer switches. As we all know, higher price means better value. Thanks EU!
  • Tim
    Already ditched my 60W collection and now I'm guzzling at 300W per halogen uplighter in my living room and to hell with the environment :) Nice and bright. Had energy savers for a bit but was too gloomy. May as well light the house with candles!
  • Dick
    I understand that some of the energy is given out as heat, not light in the old style bulbs. Well I rarely turn lights on in summer, as light mornings and light evenings mean I don't need to, and I tend not to want lights on during my night time porn watching sessions*. But in winter, I need to heat the house anyway, so that extra heat coming from the bulb is not actually wasted, as it goes towards heating my bed-sit*. * I lied a little bit. I usually spend my evenings watching In The Night Garden in my six bedroom mock Tudor mansion.
  • Brad
    EU sending more free money to China by limiting trade. And I thought we were struggling to make money as of late....
  • Tom
    The low energy bulbs may be as bright as they claim, but it's the spectral quality of the light that is the problem. Anyway, they are definitely not 'more efficient' as they produce loads of UV light which is completely useless, whereas the incandescent bulbs produce light and heat, which as Dick points out, is all useful!

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