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Easyjet decide your valid passport isn't valid

If you're flying to Cyprus with Easyjet on a soon-to-expire-passport this summer, you'd better haul your ass to the post office pronto. In their infinite wisdom, they've decided that you need three months validity on your passport to travel there– even though it's in the EU. The Cypriot authorities and the Foreign Office say come…

The Chinese graveyard that is video game heaven

It's like all those decommissioned planes rusting in in the Arizona desert. Yet somehow sadder. All these gambling machines were confiscated as part of a Chinese anti-gambling operation, and all will be destroyed. A tragic waste. If they had Afterburner and Operation Wolf in there, we'd be banging on the gates.


Amazon: Know your rights

Amazon: Know your rights

Have you had any bother when dealing with when buying electrical goods? It seems that its a common complaint and that their customer service can be a bit shoddy. Well, there's a little bit of good news. Basically, thanks to Amazon basing themselves in Luxembourg, they've got to tow the line with the EU,…

Wonky fruit and veg back in the shops. Hurrah!

2009 is all going right for Esther Rantzen. First, she stepped up to volunteer herself as a sleaze-free independent prospective MP for Luton, railing against the expenses scandal in the House Of Commons. It led to a disturbing performance by her on BBC1’s Question Time where she nakedly displayed as much raw ego and self-regard…