Your Water Bill is About to Overflow

Usually it's the water company that gives notices; on this occasion, they are the ones being served.

According to Which?, water companies in England and Wales are planning to hike prices to approximately 9% over inflation between 2010 and 2015, which will potentially increase water bills from £319 / year on average for households to £355 by 2014.

Water regulator Ofwat is demanding an explanation from water companies.

Ofwat chief executive Regina Finn appeared on BBC Radio 4's The Today Programme yesterday, calling for accountability on behalf of the water companies. She said, "We are challenging these proposals and the water companies are on notice that they will have to justify every single penny of customers' money that they wish to spend."

It's good to know that somewhere someone still thinks that the consumer should have the last word.

Ofwat's Service and Delivery Report released today shows that while water companies have made some improvements, there is more to be done to conserve water leakages and better serve customers. They also believe that the open market will serve consumer interests, with Finn commenting, "We want to ensure that customers receive consistent quality of supply at reasonable prices. We believe increasing competition will be the key to meeting these challenges."


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