You could be paying double on your energy bills in the next 10 years


Start stock piling jumpers and blankets because it looks like we're facing a massive hike in the price of the energy we use.  Reports suggest that bills could well double in the next decade.

We all have to chip in and pay for the £32bn upgrading of Britain's dilapidated energy network.

Just great.

Ofgem (them again) have claimed that the upgrade of pipes and wires, which are a necessary if we're to move toward a low-carbon economy, would add an average of £6 a year to gas and electricity bills.

However, there's other people out there with wilder looks in their eyes, shouting on street corners about worse to come. Price comparison websites (a trustworthy bunch) and consumer groups warned that this official estimate was off the mark and that householders are facing increases of between 50% and 100% – taking the average annual bill to over £2,000.


In the short-term, Ofgem reckon energy companies wholesale prices will increase by 13% by next spring, which, if if passed on to us in full, will see gas bills going up by about £81 to £706 annually.



  • Nick T.
    Another self-fulfilling prophecy; just like motoring organisations predicting steep increases in petrol prices and - wahay! - it happens. I thought the point of shareholder-owned companies was that the shareholders' money is used to fund investments in infrastructure, and they then profit later from increased consumer uptake, increased efficiencies of scale and lastly a modest price rise. But here we're seeing the CUSTOMERS funding the investment/improvements, from which the shareholders benefit, then customers are whacked with another price rise to keep the dividends flowing. Meanwhile Off-fob will do fuck all.
  • Lumoruk
    This is just to push up share prices so certain people can then sell at a massive margin.
  • glee f.
    van gulo bastardo
  • Ding
    There's around 25 million households in the United Kingdom, if they paid a one off fee of £1,280, they would have £32bn. I thought the energy companies would of invested their years of wealth for future projects. Maybe we should invest £1,280 into making our homes self-sufficient.
  • Victor M.
    I Dooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt Beeeeeeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebe It!
  • Victor M.
    Sorry i meant I Dooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt Beeeeeeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve It!
  • Energy R.
    Now is the time to get off of the energy dependence. By not doing this, we are leaving the power with the energy companies. Their greed will cause them to continually raise rates. Oil prices go down but yet they don't lower their rates. When rates go up, they raise the rates by more than the actual increase in energy costs. The electricity providers are just looking for excuses to increase your home or business bills. The only way to keep this in check is to compare the prices of all of the energy providers and reward those businesses that are providing you with the most fair prices.
  • tin
    I know, deregulate the energy industry, that'll work....
  • klingelton
    Anybody feel like they're over that barrel and being bummed like a fox by the energy companies?
  • 15 B.
    [...] energy is about to become more expensive than unicorn shit and our food is pricier than it’s been in ages. Essentially what [...]

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