Yes, of COURSE Scottish Power have put their prices up...

Scottish_Power In what must be some kind of weird conincidence, Scottish Power have followed in the vile footsteps of British Gas and npower and have raised the prices of their gas and electricity again. Sorry, did we say ‘conincidence’? We meant ‘coincidence’.

Yes, they’ve hoiked up their tariffs by 7% apiece with bills going up from 3rd December – you know, when it starts getting extra cold for winter! Amazing scenes! Arseholes!

Naturally, they’re blaming the whole sorry mess on the increase in costs and it all means that their 2.3 million customers will now be looking at an average annual duel fuel bill of £1,271.

Bubble wrap is pretty cheap in Poundland (other value stores are available) in case you feel like enveloping yourself in it this winter, and we eagerly await the next of the big energy suppliers to put up their prices. Tomorrow? About 2pm? Yeah, why not….?


  • Martin
    If you don't like it don't use Scottishpower,
  • Sam
    ... or the rest of the providers who have put their prices up, which leaves us with...?
  • whatever
    ... solar panels, wind turbine ...
  • Chewbacca
    DUAL fuel, not "duel". Christ, this site gets worse daily.
  • nittyg
    "Online Energy Saver 20 Good news! You are not affected by this increase in prices or change to annual discounts. You will continue to benefit from a discount of 8.7% on our standard monthly Direct Debit prices (as at 27th February 2012) until 31st October 2013." taken from website (scottish power) so looks like not ALL tarriffs will be hiked
  • Sicknote
    Learn to love price hikes from UK energy companies - buy a house in Malta and spend your annual bonus on energy shares....lovely jubbly.

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