Would you like £150,000 towards solar panels?

Here’s some positive news for a change…Energy secretary Ed Davey has just announced a new £10m fund to encourage urban communities to get involved in renewable energy.

solar panels

If you live in the city, you and the people in your area could get up to £150,000 towards solar panels or a shared wind turbine. There’ll also be rewards to encourage communities to save money on their energy bills by collectively switching suppliers.

With energy costs rocketing, making your own solar and wind power no longer seems so pie in the sky, and as creating renewable energy can mean lower (or even non-existent) bills, this seems like a good way to put some power into people’s hands.

So how do you get the grant? Well, it’s not been decided yet, but groups will soon be invited to apply for grant of up to £20,000 to assist with the planning stages and assess what’s possible to achieve in their community. Then loans up to £130,000 will be available to help the project go ahead.

Called the Urban Community Energy Fund, this actually seems like quite a good idea from the government– and a surprisingly socialist one, too. ‘Sock it to The Man and build your own wind turbine, dude’ doesn’t seem exactly in line with Osborne’s attempts to Frack everything up, but let’s be thankful for small mercies, eh?


  • Peter P.
    There's nothing socialist about this, the manufacturers and companies putting the things on the roof are all in it together - jobs for the boys keeping the small companies out.
  • God
    I agree with Peter, I keep getting pestered by calls from these people, even though I have made it quite clear my roof is totally unsuited to panel installation and doesnt even get any sunlight for most of the day during the winter. OT. Considering the number of obscene, racist and sexist comments posted daily on BitterWallet, why has my email address and user name (Captain Cretin) been banned from posting since Christmas?? I know it is banned, I have test posted using anther account, yet nothing I have ever posted could ever be considered more than slightly subversive..... or do you only want idiots and morons posting deranged drivel on here?? PS I tried emailing Paul Nikkel - guess what, my email got bounced back.
  • Captain W.
    Ugly, ugly things, these panels. Don't understand people revelling about getting 8% back on their investment, when they're only breaking even after a decade - if they stay in the house that long - and in the meantime have devalued it significantly by turning it into an eyesore. Possibly acceptable if you can tuck them away on a side roof somewhere - but the number of people proudly displaying them on the front of their house is incredible. Agree about the pseudorandom algorithm for blocking BW posters - doesn't seem to make sense at times.
  • Captain C.
    Works for me.
  • Captain W.
    Is this a new low for BW's policy of not validating posters usernames? Now, anyone but the genuine owner of that username is allowed to post as them?
  • Captain T.
    Worlds worst website. I only come here for the deranged drivel
  • Captain W.
    Since when did anyone own any username on here? NB
  • God
    I suspect it is a combo of user name and/or email address, they dont even do it by ip address as otherwise my current persona would have been blocked as well. All I did was point out something they had published wasnt entirely correct; worse than getting a detention at school many decades ago for pointing out to a teacher she was giving out the wrong information in a science lesson.
  • Captain W.
    No one likes a smart arse, God.
  • God
    I had a boss that told me that - right after I showed him how to save thousands annually on the company lighting bill for an initial outlay of about £2,000 and ongoing costs of about £100 per year. I also suspect there is a teacher thinking that right now - after I pointed out that February has TWO "r"s in it, and not the one she had included in her wall display (Febuary). (And they wonder why the kids cant spell).
  • Captain C.
    @God: can't Deities eh?
  • God
    Apostrophes are an invention of the Devil - so I never use them. Ditto Diesel, PayPal, Ebay and British Gas. Gon Chee Fat Choi !!
  • Big M.
    'Ugly, ugly things, these panels. Don’t understand people revelling about getting 8% back on their investment, when they’re only breaking even after a decade' ^Because 8% is shit in this day and age isn't it. Put your money in a savings account instead where you will break even a few years after your death. 'Possibly acceptable if you can tuck them away on a side roof somewhere – but the number of people proudly displaying them on the front of their house is incredible.' ^Genuine or ironic. Not sure whether to bite on this one. Why not shove them under you patio instead where they will go completely unnoticed. They do block using IP addresses. Reboot router and carry on. Emails aren't verified - just put '[email protected]' no problem.

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