Winter is coming: SSE to put up prices by 8.2%

From November 15th, just as it’s getting a bit chilly, SSE have announced that they’ll be putting up their prices by a rather gobsmackingly large 8.2%. Why? Well, it’s the usual blah. Higher costs of wholesale energy…paying to deliver it to homes…government levies…can’t get the parts, love…


It means that the fuel bill for the average household will go up to £1224. But it’s also split across the North and South (8.2% is the average rise) with prices for duel fuel households in the North going up by 7% and a massive hike of 9.7% for customers in the South.

‘We're sorry we have to do this,’ said SSE's Will Morris, hiding under his desk. ‘We've done as much as we could to keep prices down, but the reality is that buying wholesale energy in global markets, delivering it to customers' homes, and government-imposed levies collected through bills - endorsed by all the major parties - all cost more than they did last year.’

SSE say the upgrading of networks, new power stations and funding for energy efficiency schemes also all take their toll and add up to bigger bills for the consumer. After the price rises, their profit margin will remain at 5% over a five year period, which they say is ‘a fair amount.’

Meanwhile, everyone else will be sitting in the cold, skint, wondering whether they’ll ever see a profit again after forking out most of their wages just to heat their hovels in the winter.



  • Inspector G.
    I can't wait for nuclear fusion to get sorted (nearly there!). An abundance of cheap, clean fuel. Then SSE et al can go fuck themselves.
  • jim ?.
    how many billions in proft have they made this year? wankers
  • Grammar N.
    @ Inspector Gadget - don't be so naïve, nuclear fusion will be cheap but we will still get charged the same price as we do now. All it will mean is bigger margins for whichever energy company provides it.
  • freezemyballzoff
    Well that's no surprise WINTER's COMING ! Now ter others will join the queue! Barstewards
  • Alexis
    "The company reported adjusted pre-tax profits of £1.4bn" That is all.
  • Blinkervision
    Hahaha, yes they are a business looking to make a profit. But don't forget the levies put on coal by the UK government. SSE are having to close several of their coal generators due to the levies placed on CO2. It will reach a point where the levies are so high, even if coal was provided free of charge, it would cost more in levies to burn it than the profit made. SSE are investing in several 'fuel from waste' generators. Each of these is set to cost approx £330m yet only produce 60megawats (compare that to the coal generators they are having dismantle that each generate 500megawats). That's just over 10% of the power produced, so to replace 1 coal generator with fuel from waste alternatives will cost, well, you work it out. Coal generators were built decades ago and essentially cost only the day to day running costs. The government 'green deal' is what is causing these massive year on year fuel rises, forcing energy companies to throw away existing generators for expensive less efficient alternatives. Instead of letting power companies deal with the emissions from coal generation, they are forced to develop new methods which are expensive due to their infancy. Better to find a way to clean up emissions for the next 20 years whilst alternatives mature, but that's too much of a common sense move.
  • Alexis
    ↑ yes, and it's called the cost of running a business. The Co-op have just built a massive new HQ in Manchester, but they don't put prices up by 10% each year and whinge about the cost of having to build new premises.
  • Dick
    ^ But presumably their new HQ is cost effective for their business, and not forced on them by the government, due to EU levies.
  • Dosser
    The Co-op's prices are so high they could have built their HQ out of rubies and unicorn tears.
    I should swap him names because that's what he / they are. Think about it.
  • fibbingarchie
    Don't ever mention the Co-op as an example of how to run a business, good grief!
  • samuri
    i thought proffeteering was illegal?
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    It's not EU levies. It's our elected government putting extra tax's on our bills. Soon the cost of g&e will be mostly tax like how petrol is now!!!!

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