Who tops the energy complaints list?

energy It is time to give the energy companies a nice Christmas present, and point out which ones are rubbish, by pointing out which ones have had the most complaints.

And topping the table of craptitude is Co-operative Energy! They're blaming problems with their new IT system, as they look at the stats which show they've got themselves the highest complaint rate ever recorded in a quarterly customer service league table.

This ranking has been compiled by Citizens Advice, who saw the best results from SSE, and their depressed orangutan mascot.

Regarding Co-op, the main crux of the complaints focused on switching failures, problems with billing, and people being locked out of their accounts for no good reason. The company say: "This data is from July, August and September 2015 when unexpected issues relating to the implementation of our new IT system were at their peak."

"Since then, we have fully resolved 93% of complaints that were referred to the Ombudsman and are working through any remaining issues. The level of service our customers now receive has significantly improved. Call response times have halved over the past six weeks and we have recruited and trained over 100 new customer service staff."

"We are making further improvements to ensure our customers receive the high level of service they expect and deserve."

Of course, you'll know that this isn't the first time an energy company has annoyed everyone with a new billing system - Npower had to give free energy to customers, after they had issues with billing systems (and they were hauled over the coals for the way they dealt with complaints too).

ScottishPower were hit with a sales ban for failing to meet customer service targets too. They fared better in the new CA table, reducing their complaints level significantly.

Chief executive of Citizens Advice, Gillian Guy, said: "Good customer service is essential to any effective industry. The fact energy consumers face such a lottery shows this market has a long way to go. While it's encouraging to see some companies sharpening up their act, some firms at the bottom are getting even worse."

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  • Shopper
    Not a fan of switching energy companies. A case of "better the devil you know" I think.

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