Which! vs George Osborne - FIGHT

Which! are calling on the human void George Osborne to ‘cut the Big Six energy companies down to size.’ They believe the Chancellor for Evil can do more to regulate energy costs and protect consumers when he delivers this year's Autumn Statement on December 4th.

george osborne

The consumer watchdog is lobbying George to make the energy suppliers more competitive by increasing competition within the wholesale energy market. With the Big Six whingeing about wholesale prices, Which! believe that generation should be made separate to supply, and that it’s the wholesale market which should be regulated to keep prices low.

They think that suppliers should be held accountable for their costs – Which! have had their calculator out again and they’ve figured out that £200 million could be saved if energy was delivered more efficiently.

They’re also going to badger George to delay the introduction of Smart Meters, which will cost £12 billion to roll out (and let’s face it, nobody really cares) and scrap the carbon floor price, which is meant to be an incentive for low carbon production, but doesn’t actually work. That could save a further £1bn, Which! says.

Richard Lloyd, stripped at the waist and holding a cudgel, said in an open letter to Osborne:

‘When you stand up in the House of Commons I hope you will also be standing up for the millions of hard-pressed consumers who are grappling day-to-day with the realities of rising energy costs by cutting both the Big Six and the cost of government policies down to size.

Cut them down, George.’

(I don’t know about you, but I’m aroused.)


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