Water bills to rise 5% - or more (or less) from April

Water, earlier today

Unlike electricity, broadband, gas and cakes, you don't get much choice over who supplies your household water. In fact you get precisely no choice, which is Ofwat's argument for their current regulation of consumer pricing. Bills are allowed to rise roughly in line with inflation, but what does that mean for your monthly bill?

Across the UK from April, bills will rise by an average of 4.6%, to around £356 per household. But that's only an average, and how much your bill will actually be depends where you live and whether your supplies are metered.

Some companies look after both water supplies and sewer services in their region; amongst these, the smallest increase is likely to be for customers of Welsh Water, who will see their bills rise by £11, or 2.7%. For those customers in the North getting their council pop from Northumbrian Water, the increase will be 7.8%, or £24 per year.

Water-only firms, like Portsmouth Water will only increase bills by around £2, while customers of Bristol Water will be paying an extra £13 per year as of April. If you don't like it, there's not a great deal you can do about it - except collect rain water and bathe in a barrel. Over to you, avid readers.



  • The D.
    "bills will rise by an average of 4.6%, or around £356 per household" What, so the average annual bill is £7,739? £645 a month? Jesus, mine's cheap then.
  • Whisky
    So is mine Peter, that must mean at least 2 poor buggers are paying over £14k a year by the law of averages.
  • Paul S.
  • The B.
    Get a meter, mine's about half of what it would be if I wasn't on a meter (about £11 a month if memory serves).

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