Water bills to drop!

spring-water If you live in England or Wales, as well as a small fall in energy bills, you'll also be getting a drop in your water (and sewage) bills too.

Bills aren't going to be significantly cheaper though, so don't start getting your hopes up and thinking you'll suddenly have enough money for a hovercraft made of diamonds. They're going to fall by 2% which works out at a whole £9 off over the next year, according to the industry today.

In better news, Water UK have also made a pledge to bring in new measures worth more than £40 million to help out customers who are struggling to pay or who are in debt.

This comes after regulator Ofwat demanded that the industry lowers annual water bills by 5% in real terms over the next five years. Of course, thanks to inflation, bills will actually be higher in five years' time, but they'll be 5% cheaper than they would have been.

Water UK said that Southern customers will see a 6% or £27 cut in their combined water and sewerage bill, while Severn Trent and United Utilities will both fall 1% or £4 on a year earlier. Anglian Water bills are going to be 7% lower, or £29 off. Bad news for Northumbrian Water customers as they'll see combined bills going up by 1% or £4 to £371.

There'll be huge investments again, with works that aim to prevent leaks and better sewage treatment to help keep rivers, beaches and such, cleaner. This is part of the industry's aim to save 370 million litres of water a day.

Water UK chief executive Pamela Taylor said: "Water companies understand the pressures their customers are under and are delivering lower bills and even more support for struggling households. Meanwhile, investment in the services their customers want will continue so that our drinking water remains the best in the world and our beaches and rivers are kept cleaner than ever."

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  • George C.
    Well if my water supplier gets too expensive I'll just change providers. Oh, I forgot -- you can't.

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