Watch as Eamonn Holmes verbally slaps Energy Minister over bill increases

Eamonn Holmes isn't good for much, but when faced with a fibbing politician about the increases on our energy bills, he's pleasingly forthright.

Here, Holmes takes Michael Fallon - energy secretary - to task over the things put in place which are putting our bills up. Some bloke from SSE, further to our earlier piece, nods away.


  • jim ?.
    wow a new feeling for me. respecting Eamonn Holmes . feels strange.
  • Dick
    That clip doesn't show the piece where the minister says 4%. Seems to me that there are two different contributions a 4% one and a 5% one. One "social" and one "green". What one did he ask him about when he replied 4%?
  • Dick
    Longer clip here ... The confusion is because he answered a different question to the one posed, or just gave an incomplete answer. EH asked him how much is due to government policies, and he replied 4-5% is due to the "social" tariffs.
  • DragonChris
    Go on Eamonn son, slap that son-bitch.
  • Marky M.
    I actually watched this at the time. Holmes asked what the Government's contribution was, in terms of added percentage, to bills. Fallon responded by only mentioning the 4% which is added to help the poor and vulnerable. He 'forgot' to mention the other 6%. So technically Holmes was incorrect in saying that the minister was wrong because Fallon hadn't mentioned all that he could have, even though he should.
  • Daisy D.
    Is that guy from SSE Frank Lampard's secret brother?
  • jaffacake
    the video isn't complete, it doesn't show the earlier part of the interview where the controversial 4% figure is produced. why cut the first part off the clip? I'm suspicious, since the whole argument rests on how he gave the statistics, and we are not shown :-(
  • LD
    What ever the percentages are, the Government will grabbing even more with higher bills!
  • shiftynifty
    So ...did Eamonn bitch slap fallon....did he own him....? answers on a meter reading estimate paper please
  • fibbingarchie
    We need more of this type of questioning on politicians. They get away with it too often; not answering the question, answering questions they haven't been asked, general pish talk, etc etc.
  • Peter P.
    The social tax... enables buy to let landlords to get brand new boilers fitted to their shit hole properties, along with lots of other energy saving measures, for free.
  • jt
    The story should be about Holmes letting the SSE guy off the hook. If the cost of gas has gone up by 4% and the cost of delivering energy to the home has gone up by 10%, Holmes should be asking what proportion of the customers bill is made up of cost of gas, what proportion is made up of cost of delivering to the home, and why has the cost of delivering to the home gone up by 10%. The 10% the government takes hasn't gone up this year.

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