UK looks to save money by chopping down more trees

The internet is brilliant for taking snapshots of the public mindset. Yes, it's not just good for porn - who knew? So where's our collective head at right now? Worrying about freezing to death during winter, that's where.

Research by Hitwise UK reveals that searches for "wood burning stoves" reached their highest ever level this October, almost tripling in the past 12 months. Popular variations included "discount wood burning stoves", "cheap wood burning stoves", and "second hand wood burning stoves". No mention of "wood burning stove porn" but it'll be in there somewhere.

[Hitwise UK]

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  • Owen
    It was a similar level in 2006 as can be seen on the graph - would be nice to see back to August 06 otherwise it looks like one of those BBC news scaremongering-we're all doomed -news stories to scare us all into depression, either that of its gonna be a colder winter than last year ;)

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