The thrilling, explosive tale about how energy suppliers might need to give you 30-day notice of any price hikes

explosionYou're going to love this story. You really are. It's a tale of love, regret, espionage and how customers might need to be told in advance about energy price rises rather than energy companies springing it on you after they've already done it.

The emotional rollercoaster of rules currently mean that suppliers can wait for 65 working days after prices have been put up before they bother letting you know, which is, quite frankly, bollocks.

However, new plans are afoot which will probably send a shockwave through the Earth, destroying towns and cities. Ofgem have decided that companies should really tell you 30 calendar days' in advance, so if you're going to kill yourself by throwing yourself headlong into a wood chipper at prices going up, you can now reconsider and shop elsewhere.

If the proposals are accepted by the energy companies, they could come into effect by January 2011.

The Ofgem inquiry found that the 65-day statutory deadline was supposed to be a backstop and that, after notice was given in a really dramatic way, customers had 20 days to switch supplier if they wanted to avoid paying the increased price. OR FACE CERTAIN DEATH.

Under the new plans, they could now do this before the rise came into effect. Which is nice.

"A month's notice of price increases, along with annual energy statements and better information on bills, will empower consumers by giving them the facts about how much their energy costs," said Andrew Wright, Ofgem's senior partner for markets.

"This information makes it easier to shop around for a better energy deal and to evaluate the benefits energy efficiency measures can deliver.

Mr Wright then leapt out of a window to fly through the air, shooting fireballs from his tearducts at various energy companies, just to let them know he wasn't going to take any shit from them. British Gas responded by building a gigantic penis shaped missile and aimed it at Mecca. More news when we make it up.


  • Mark C.
    What has British Gas got against bingo halls?
  • Victor M.
    I Doooooooooooont Beeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeeeeve it!!!

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