The energy fat cats £40 grand night out

20 December 2013

The big energy bosses at Centrica wouldn’t be living it up while we all freeze to death, would they? I mean, surely they have some sense of social responsibility, and some kind of fellow feeling for their struggling customers?

Mr Creosote

HA HA! WRONG! Instead the powers that be who own British Gas have been sitting around a large banqueting table doing Mr Burns style finger tents and trying to figure out how to make even more lovely money. 40 big energy cheeses recently gathered at the Aviator in Farnborough to discuss strategy (ie: fleecing us) and have a rare old time. And the cost of this little gathering? £40,000.

That was the estimated cost of flying key members of staff over from the US to feed them Chateaubriand and Dom Perignon, and put them up for a night in a swanky hotel. But that’s just a drop in the ocean for Centrica, who creamed off £2.7 billion in profits this year.

So this winter, remember this: for every shivering pensioner wondering whether to put the condemned gas cooker on to heat their lone tin of Goblin stew, there’s an odious turd in a suit eating pheasant in a five star country hotel and saying ‘MWUAHAHAHAHA.’

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  • andy y.
    These are for profit businesses.If there shareholders are prepared to allow this sort of expense why is it any of our business as energy customers.Yes energy prices are too much.However we shouldn't have privatised the industry,closed the coal mines,ran away from nuclear,appointed a lame regulator and embarked on a green wet dream. More weak ill thought out journalism
  • Studley
    It's nice that they can have a grand night out for £40. Oh, wait. Shite headline.
  • Kevin
    I'm not freezing to death
  • zeddy
    And it was always so.
  • you
    40 senior executives flew in from all over the world and it only cost £1000 each? I doubt that would even cover the price of a business class seat from America, let alone hotel, food, hire car, etc.. Im sorry but shouldnt this story be about how unbelievably thrifty that is?

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