The End of Cheap Gas is Nigh

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The cost of gas and electricity is rising sharply... not that you'd notice because it is summer and you've had the windows open or been going pink in beer gardens. However, when winter comes, you might want a little cry.

Over the past 10 weeks wholesale gas prices have risen by 45pc while electricity prices have gone up by 20pc since the start of 2010.

The Energy Shop, the price comparison website, have warned that the larger companies are all going to be whacking their prices up and raise costs on even the cheapest of deals.

The rise in cost, per year, seems to be around the £80-mark and E.ON, the market leaders with their fixed-rate deal, are going to start hiking up their prices.

Joe Malinowski of The Energy Shop said: "Once the E. ON deal is withdrawn, we will have seen three of the best five rates disappear within a matter of weeks. Those looking to get a better deal on their fuel bills may be advised to switch now before more tariffs are pulled."

So, if you're on Scottish Power's Capped Price Energy or British Gas' Price Promise, you might want to start shopping around because it is suggested that you will be moved automatically onto a standard rate, which in some cases, could add £165 a year to your bill.

Basically, ring up your provider now and see what they've got to offer you (with the threat of "...because I'm thinking of switching provider, you rip-off shits.") Just keep in mind that some providers will want to hit you with an exit-fee of £75.

Now is the time to start looking at your options, so scour online sources and price comparison sites to see what suits you best. If you're reading this by magic and don't have a computer, then you can ring on 0845 345 1296 and they'll help you out... provided you don't turn it into a prank call.


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