The Big Six announce changes in energy prices having successfully blackmailed the Government

 A number of the Big Six have suddenly and spontaneously decided that they're going to change the way their charge us for energy. Remarkably, and in no way related, this happens on the same day the Government said it would be looking at ways to make energy cheaper for all.

This has nothing to do with certain companies announcing that price rises were the fault of the government's green levies and that, if they weren't such a bunch of dreadful hippies, they'd probably heat our homes for free. Nothing at all.

Of course, npower recently upped their bills by 10% and then swiftly announced that they would put a freeze on that until 2015. British Gas, meanwhile, said they would actually drop prices in 2014 after SSE said they'd be doing the same. A price drop isn't much use after you've been putting your prices up hugely for months at a time.

Either way, the government has designed a fund that gives a rebate to electricity customers and the chief executive of npower, Paul Massara, said: "We welcome today's announcement as an important step in cutting energy costs for our domestic customers. As a result of this announcement we will reduce our bills. We are currently calculating how large this reduction will be, and can assure our customers that it will fully reflect the reduction in the costs to our business."

However, there's a catch. He continued: "We don’t plan to increase energy prices before Spring 2015, unless there are increases in wholesale energy costs or network charges."

In a statement, SSE chipped in, saying: "On the basis of today's announcement and the planned consultation, SSE plans to reduce its household energy prices before the end of its financial year. The overall impact of the proposed changes, including the rebate which is expected to apply in Autumn 2014, should lead to a typical dual fuel customer benefiting by around 4%. This should equate to a saving of around £50 for a typical dual fuel customer"

The government are having rings run round them and we'll have to pay for our energy regardless. How marvellous.


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