Thanks to the stupid Earth, energy bills to rise because we need to go green

earth from the moonChris Huhne, a man who looks like a flaccid leg muscle, who also happens to be our Energy Secretary, has been talking about our collective investment into "clean" power plants.

Very nice. Very progressive. One thing - how much will it cost us?

Well, there have been claims that this is going to whack our bills up by £500. However, Huhne - a man we can clearly trust implicitly because he's a politician - has dismissed this claim as "completely bonkers".

Huhne (which somehow sounds like a euphemism for bum hole) wants the UK to wean itself off coal and gas, and as such, is encouraging companies to invest in nuclear stations and wind farms. He might give the incentive of adding taxes to coal and gas to make them more expensive compared to low carbon options, thereby, encouraging private investment.

uSwitch reckon this could add £500 to the national average of £1,157, which Huhne is batting away as "armchair economics".

He says: "Our best guess, because energy companies are not the Salvation Army and do require a return on their investments is that our bills are going to go up over the next 20 years from an average of £500 for electricity household bills today to about another £160."

We'll get better deals if more companies enter the green market to make it more competitive. IF they enter the green market.


  • PokeHerPete
    Really, who cares about the environment?
  • Nick T.
    Yeah, so following the traditional system somebody sets up a company and sells shares in it to raise investment capital. Then, if it's a big success, those shareholders rightly get rewarded with a dividend. If it fails, the management get sacked. Unlike the current business model used in the water, rail, and power industries where the CUSTOMERS pay for improvements and the shareholders get rewarded with a dividend. If it fails, the management receive fat leaving bonuses before moving on to fuck some other company up, and the public bails everybody out.
  • Tom
    What about banks?
  • fucker
    what about the children?
  • scott
    what about the animals?
  • Mark C.
    Considering 'huhn' is German for chicken, I always find it rather difficult to take anything seriously that's said by someone called Chris Chicken MP. It's almost as daft as having an MP called 'Mr Balls'.
  • PokeHerPete
  • David
    Found out today that David Cameron's father-in-law makes some £3.5m pa from a wind-farm. Conflict of interest? Surely not. He's a politician.

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