TalkTalk gets rid of local calls and raises line rental

TalkTalk After TalkTalk announced their cheapo deal, they were probably hoping that no-one would noticed that they are raising the charges for broadband, TV and landline services. Oh, and they're axing free local calls for around 200,000 customers.

From June, some of TalkTalk's packages will go up by £1.50 per month. So, if you want to switch to someone else, get your bum in gear, as the 30-day window to avoid higher exit fees and the like is officially open!

So which packages are affected? If you have Simply Broadband, Essentials TV, Plus TV, Essentials Broadband and calls, and Plus Broadband and calls, then your bills are going up.

And from July, TalkTalk is going to get rid of their free local calls service, unless you're on an evening, weekend or anytime call plan. Calls from that point will cost you 11.5p per minute complete with a 16p connection charge.

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: "In making improvements to our service, some prices will increase. We’re committed to providing the best service possible."


  • Ian
    the only surprising thing in this article is that a dreadful company like TalkTalk have so many customers.
  • simmobb2
    Irecently decided to leave Talktalk to go with the EETV offer. EE were so incredibly inept at dealing with the order I cancelled and decided to stay with Talktalk. I wholly accept that Talktalk are appalling when it comes to customer service but I'm not aware of any companies providing the package they offer who are any better?
  • Father J.
    Shit company, shit product - how come these incompetent cunts are still in business?

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