SSE still losing customers

SSE still losing customers

Energy bigwigs, SSE, are still losing customers. They've shed another 50,000 accounts in the three months to June.

Looks like people are finally cottoning onto the fact that there's deals to be had elsewhere, if you're unhappy with your big provider. More and more people are signing up with smaller companies, and SSE are feeling the pinch.

SSE are not worrying just yet, saying that their start to the financial year has been "solid", and they're taking faith from the fact that they're not losing customers at the rate they once did.

Seems a bit defeatist, but you've got to take your positives from wherever you can grab them.

They said, in a trading update, that they were "targeting a return to growth" this financial year, and "well placed" to hit their goals.

Nodding toward the Brexit vote, and the investigation into the energy sector, Alistair Phillips-Davies, SSE chief executive, said: "The external operating environment continues to have an impact on SSE. Whilst the publication of the final remedies by the CMA brings clarity, it does constitute a considerable package of reforms to be implemented into the fast-changing energy supply market."

"The outcome of the UK's referendum on membership of the EU could lead to aspects of the financial, regulatory and political environment becoming more uncertain in the years ahead."

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