SSE put up their energy prices - others to follow soon...?

Hurrah! It looks as though we could be in for another round of price increases from the energy suppliers! Remember earlier in the year, when they threw some teensy-tiny tariff cuts in our direction? Yeah, well forget that ever happened because SSE are hiking the prices up again and the rest are almost certain to follow suit.

SSE (also operating in the community as Scottish Hydro and Swalec) will be increasing gas and leccy prices by an average of 9%, from 15th October, meaning that an average standard dual-fuel bill-payer will fork out an extra £102 for the year, or £1,274 in total. Just what we need, eh?

But, in their defence, SSE have said that there’ll be no more price rises before the second half of 2013 – so that’ll be 1st July then. We haven’t checked but we imagine that SSE are blaming the price hikes on the wholesale price of raw energy.

Probably time to try and second-guess who’ll be putting their prices up next and switch supplier before they all follow in the footsteps of SSE. Here’s a price-rise graphic that we nicked from the BBC….

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 16.34.17


  • Nikey H.
    So, whos the best then ???? Gotta get my calculator out!
  • Sicknote
    Fantastic news; I spent every penny of my bonus last year on SSE shares and I'll be rolling in the money when the divvy is paid this year. This year I've been buying bank shares and can't wait for all the scum bags to default on their loans and mortgages. Happy days are here again...oh yes.
  • gunn
    Shows clearly the timing of the largest hikes are just before winter
  • Nikey H.
    After doing my calculations, the company which has had the lowest rises is nPower

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