SSE freezes energy prices rather than lower them

BURNING BLUE FLAME ON GAS COOKER HOB. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown. SSE have announced that they're going to freeze prices until (at least) 2016 and probably want some kind of medal for it. Naturally, this news will be met with a huge shrug because, if a company keeps whacking their prices up year-on-year, no-one is going to be thrilled when they announce that they won't be putting them up for a bit.

So how are SSE doing this? Well, they're trying to cut costs and one sure fire way of saving money is sacking a load of people. 500 people will be axed from the firm and SSE have said they're not going to spend as much money on the building of offshore windfarms.

Chief executive of SSE, Alistair Phillips-Davies, said: "We’re responding to the questions that have been asked of us with a positive agenda for customers, including the longest ever unconditional energy price freeze. To help us achieve that, we’re making sure our own house is in order by streamlining and simplifying our business."

Of course, SSE saying they're responsible for the 'longest ever price freeze' goes to 2016, while EDF are currently offering a fixed price until March 2017.

"This provides peace of mind at a time when more than three quarters of people are expecting prices to go up next year, 2 and over 80% of people are worried about energy price rises in the next two years," the company said.

If only the energy companies had been so kind during the recent recession years.


  • buffylass
    OMG they still ripping us off im with this company and I had a letter saying that priced were going too be cut, I will be looking too change form today, Greedy baskets
  • gruff c.
    too much too when it should be to

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