‘Sorry, love, you’re gonna need a Magnadoodle.’

British Gas have been attempting to charge up to £800 worth of boiler repairs - before they’ll activate boiler cover costing £300 a year.

british gas

Engineers have apparently been ‘advising’ customers that their boiler cover will be invalid if they don’t fork out extra cash to have sludge removed from their pipes using something called a ‘Powerflush.’ They’ve also been telling them they need a ’Magnabooster’ filter, which sounds like something they might have made up in the van on the way there.

Anyway if they don’t get a Flange Flusher or a Magnadoodle, costing £800 and £400 respectively, BG engineers shake their heads gravely during their annual heating check up and say their heating won’t work effectively and any claims for repairs may be refused.

Engineers are paid up to 20% commission to sell extras like these, and customers claim they have been using the hard sell as a result. The 18 PAGES of small print in the HomeCare contract says that BG can refuse to sanction future repairs if their recommended (and expensive) procedures weren’t carried out.

A spokesman for BG said: ‘We take this very seriously. Our engineers follow a strict diagnostic routine to identify the root cause of a boiler or central heating fault...We’d only recommend the best solutions for their needs.’

As long as it’s a POWERFLUSH?


  • klingelton
    I thought they brought this up on BBC's flagship consumer affairs programme "Watchdog" some 18 months ago.
  • JonB
    Our local plumbers charge £150 for a powerflush, so my opinion of BG inflating the cost of work is confirmed.
  • Kevin
    I do wonder why they think they can get away with it, in terms of it, not like it's an extra £50 or £100 that someone thinks they have to spend so they will. £800 is so far off the scale people will just automatically say no to it as they CANNOT afford it.
  • samuri
    fuckers Quoted me £8000 to fit 7 rads with a shit ravens heat boiler, got a top end Worcester bosh and 7 rads with 13mm pipe for £3000 from a local firm, don't trust the bastards.
  • a h.
    I would absolutely never use the boiler cover, I had a policy for years but when I had my boiler changed the cold water intake tap had completly seized, I pointed this out and to this day have never been contacted with an answer of any kind. I had a women the other day try to tell me that the parts was the most expensive part of a repair, not labour?!? she told me her boyfriend was a mechanic but still took his car to a garage as it worked out cheaper....
  • Warwick H.
    How the fuck they have any customers at all is beyond reason or am I missing something ?.
  • Peter P.
    @JonB - There's no chance a powerflush can be completed properly for £150. @Samuri - Worcester Bosch are anything but top end, the only thing they are good at is marketing. Also BG have never installed Ravenheat boilers. @Hatton - Your cold water intake tap had seized due to lack of maintenance, try not to blame the monkey who turned it last. British Gas have been doing this for the last 20 years. Once all the old people still calling it the "Gas Board" have gone their customer base will dry up.
  • ex B.
    I used to work for them, It's not so much the commission but these guys all have targets to meet every month. Not just for fixing boilers but selling too. £750 min of 'upgrades' , 5 central heating installation appointments for some bastard to go in and hard sell an OAP a boiler. 5 Carbon monoxide alarms and a min of 5 leads for gas and elec sales. And thats before they even try to fix a boiler. I suppose something has to pay for all the new Iphones they've just given every single engineer ...
  • hotmail r.
    @petty pro-aldi It is possible to do a flush for £150. on all other points, i agree with you.

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