Smart meters? No-one has the foggiest idea about them

A 'smart meter', this morning

The government have long banged-on about smart meters and how 30 million of us will have them in our homes by 2019. However, the problem there is that the majority of us haven't got the vaguest clue as to what they are and what they do.

A survey reveals that more than half of the 2,396 people interviewed in three face-to-face surveys by Ipsos Mori said they had never heard of smart meters. Of course, the energy companies couldn't give two figs because without smart meters, they can keep charging us what they want with those blasted estimated bills.

As far as you're concerned, you only stand to save £23 per year, which isn't enough to warrant all this bumfluff.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) research shows and unsurprising widespread indifference to the whole project with nearly half saying they had "no feelings either way" on having one in their home.

Mark England, the CEO of smart meter company Sentec, is still being optimistic about the whole thing.

He said: "The advantage of the UK's unique supplier-led rollout is that it's in their interest to educate customers about the energy and money-saving benefits of smart meters to encourage participation and retain their customers. The report has found that the more respondents felt they knew about smart meters, the more likely they were to support the rollout, highlighting once again that if the rollout is to be a success, it is imperative that it remains consumer-focused and that any confusion or lack of knowledge is avoided."

Mark England there, the big cheese at a company that makes smart meters. He's the real winner in all of this, clearly.


  • Dick
    > A survey reveals that more than half of the 2,396 people interviewed in three face-to-face surveys by Ipsos Mori said they had never heard of smart meters. I'm not surprised. After all, about 50% of the public are thicker than average. If people have never seen one and haven't had one installed yet, why would they care? I have a real-time meter, slightly different to a smart meter in that I can measure electricity usage of a particular device plugged into it. Maybe people are confusing that with a smart meter. Or maybe they are confusing it with a smart phone. Who knows?
  • Chewbacca
    @Dick (apt!): "about 50% of the public are thicker than average." You DO realise what you just said there, right? RIGHT?
  • Smart P.
    Smart meters are just another energy based con, along with wind power and all the other crap the energy companies and their gimp MP's spout on about. Lets see how the recent "overloading the grid" investigation turn out eh.
  • Nikey H.
    This is just an excuse to get all the faulty meters changed, you know the old ones most of us have where the counter doesn't go up a lot and we enjoy paying low bills
  • Mr. P.
    These will be the smart meters that the power companies can turn off remotely, yes?
  • Tom
    Mr. Patel - Yes Chewbacca - Depends what average he is on about, mode, medium, mean, inter quartile etc
  • lumoruk
    Having my old meter replaced, they are replacing it with a dumb meter, seems dumb when they will be fitting smart meters in 2014.

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