Smart meters - energy suppliers to save millions but we'll pay for it all

Smart energy meters then. Plans are that we’ll all have them by 2020, they’ll make billing 100% accurate and they’ll save us a load of money. A total of £36.75 million, which is an average of... £1.43 per household per year to be precise. Oh.

The energy suppliers will save money too, as they’ll no longer have to employ meter readers or staff to deal with billing disputes. They’ll save a total of £306 million a year. Wowzers!

So obviously, the energy suppliers will be churning those savings into funding the roll-out of the smart meters, right? Wrong. According to the government’s plans, we’ll be paying for it – us, the consumer, the lucky sods who are saving a poxy £1.43 a year.

Which? energy campaigner, Dr Fiona Cochrane, says: “We don’t see how the Government can justify asking consumers to pay for something that will save energy companies hundreds of millions a year, while the average household will make only minimal savings.”

True dat. If you’re as irate about this as we are, you CAN do something about it. Throw your opinions on this scam into the consultation pot by emailing the government at [email protected]uk before Monday 3rd August. Please state if you are an individual or representing the views of an organisation so that your voice can be properly heard. Don’t let them get away with it.



  • John N.
    Yet another government scam? How many MPs got their fingers in this pie? Is it only limited to a one-off brown envelope or an annual kick-back? Get a good ol' investigative reporter in there . . .
  • Roy
    Time to look at solar projects. £2500 grants are available for photovoltaic projects + £400 for solar thermal hot water projects.
  • james d.
    Solar has no chance of working in this country, at least not solar cells. Wind and tidal are our only hope.
  • goon
    who gives a shit you'll pay for it no matter what if the energy companies did 'pay' for them your bill would just be increased also the politicians are all shitbags who just look after themselves fact
  • Ken w.
    Smart Grid Scam – Rage Against the Machine Ken Bosley Wind Power Services [email protected] 800 894 6352 voicemail pager Summary Disconnected starving people can’t use the Smart Grid. There is an electric and gas glut. People won't be paying for energy at any price. The BGE smart grid scam is the beginning of the end for the worldwide Smart Grid scam. Remember, a wind energy consultant in Maryland stopped the Smart Grid. Analysis Yuppie scum in McMansions want the smart grid. Spoiled green brats want the smart grid. Geeks want the smart grid toys. Real people don’t need it and can’t use it. You got to have it. You got to do it. You got to want it now. Everybody is getting it. You will save hundreds on your bill. What is next? An Ethernet cable in your belly button and a WIFI nose ring. Did someone say depression? Ssssh. Disneyland is empty. No body is buying nothing. The smart grid will solve all your problems. Blow into your smart grid Command Control scene and Uncle Slim Pickens will rev up a windmill for you a thousand miles away to recharge your electric Barbie doll. Not. The Cowboy’s 666 giant windmills are glutting the unused surplus windmill market. Big Hat, no Cattle. Is the closed giant windmill factory in England still occupied by the protesting laid off workers? Ontario’s power glut has shut down any more windmill projects. The hundred-year-old grid works fine. Canada sends down power on hot days to New York at the sped of light. There is no power gap. There is a power glut. The smart grid would not have stopped the 2003 black out. The grid operator didn’t blackout a few zip codes first, when they had the chance, as is standard utility procedure to preserve the grid. How are we going to pay for the smart grid? What are we supposed to do with it? Think of all the money you are going to save from the smart grid. With the home Smart Grid Command Center, you can play Star Trek Mr. Scott and Mr. Sulu routing your last kilowatt-hour from the phasor banks to life support. When the smart grid is about to disconnect you for not paying your bill, just try to tell it to wait another couple of kilowatt hours while you finish cooking your dog on the stove. You ate the last of his dog food yesterday.
  • compactdistance
    Responded. No right to complain unless you submit your dissatisfaction to the consultation process.
  • Mike H.
    What the fuck's Ken on about? Did some slip some mushrooms in his tea?
  • no b.
    no energy bill... Smart energy meters then. Plans are that well all have them by 2020 theyll make billing 100% accurat [...]...
  • DIY s.
    Build A windmill... Unfortunately but inevitably, starting with the industrial revolution, windmills were replaced by the use of steam and internal combustion engines, and people even started to forget how to build a windmill. That was the start of all the changes our pla...
  • Liming L.
    where can I buy one smart grid with ethernet port?

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