Smart meters are so smart. Unless you live in a flat

smart_meter_teaser Perhaps you’ve got more pressing things on your mind, like wondering how you’re going to pay your utility bills this winter. But if you cast your mind back to a few years ago when everyone got excited about installing Smart Meters, you might remember that Ofgem wanted them rolled out across the board so you can see your energy usage and (haha!) save money. (By being cold).

And you probably will get a smart meter, unless you're one of the millions of people who live in a flat, that is. Then you’ll have to wait until 2020. Or you might not get one at all, at this rate.

The problem is that smart meters work off something called the Home Area Network (HAN) which is a wireless network that connects to in-home displays.

Except it doesn’t work everywhere. So if you live in a tall building or block of flats, you’re gubbed, because Ofgem has said it’s ‘not plausible’ to extend the network to cover apartment blocks and high rise buildings.

Critics say that the Department for Energy and Climate Change, whose ‘smart’ idea this was, should get involved to find a solution. However, it’s still not clear whether smart meters will actually make a difference to anybody or anything. And it looks like there are lots and lots of ‘difficult’ buildings with no access and no wireless reception.

Oh well, just carry on going up a ladder with a torch and watching all those numbers whizzing past. The DECC will get back to you in 2020...

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  • Jeremy S.
    I think the question should be that you have the option of making the decision to have one in your own but only if you want one and not at the behest of the energy companies telling you to have one.

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