Shut that door! How the Larry Grayson effect can stop shops from going bust

shop front

Want to know a way that you can help stop your favourite shops from hurtling towards bankruptcy and sadness? Shut the frigging door on your way in and out, that's how.

A campaign group from Cambridge University who helpfully call themselves ‘Close The Door’ have revealed that if shops closed their doors (or if you did it for them) they could save more than 50% of their energy use, thereby saving the planet and keeping penguins alive, as well as cutting down on their outgoings and maybe even reducing their prices. Well, maybe not that last bit.

Jeannie Dawkins of the campaign told Sky News: “We have a business background and were having a coffee one day and thought: This is it, this has got to stop!' We have had a lot of interest since we started the campaign and now it's really coming into its own. By simply closing the shop door, CO2 emissions dramatically decrease, energy bills are reduced, and customers and staff are made more comfortable. It’s a no-brainer.”

So shoppers – start doing your bit for the Big Society and don’t heat the street whenever you’re out shopping. Also, you could try doing star jumps while you’re browsing or queueing – the body heat you will emit will almost certainly save the lives of many many penguins.


  • Me
    It does piss me off when I walk past shops with the door wide open, air con blasting away and a huge stream of hot air whizzing straight out of the door....
  • you
    Why does that piss you off? Why does it even register as an event in your life that someone left a door open?
  • noodles
    the first poster = knobend
  • Whisky
    My wife used to work in an opticians, door always open. During winter all the girls would be sat freezing with the boiler working it's knackers off with no effect, the moronic manager saying the door must be left open to entice people in. It's a fucking opticians, glasses/eye tests are hardly a fucking impulse buy. And there in lies the problem, people who make it to the heights of "store manager" are thick. Usually they only get the promotion as they have been there the longest, whilst everyone with intellegence who works on the shop floor leaves for a proper job.
  • David
    There is no way to shut the door at the shops I shop at - they all open and close automatically. I don't shop at other places where you have to push and pull. Sainsburys has most of what I need and they have automatic doors.
  • Ben
    Here's a no about those hinges that close the doors on their own? That's about £20 spend and customers don't have to do it themselves! Also better than automatic as it needs no power.
  • -]
    I'd imagine it "pisses off" the first poster because so many shops do it, and s/he will pay higher prices in shops to cover the idiotic practice. Easy enough to understand for the other knobends?
  • Boris
    That shop isn't made of scotch beef - lying bastards. It's con merchants like this that made me have an epeleptic fit outside world of leather. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on you again.
  • Kevin
    They assessed a branch of Rymans and an independent toy store here in Cambridge. Crap examples as they have their doors shut most of the time! Try picking on the big stores in the shopping centres. Good points overall though.
  • You
    -] is definately right - I went into Marks & Spencers the other day, and because they had switched to a cheaper brand of printer ink in the offices, everything was a quid cheaper. Your insight and acute understanding of high street pricing strategies is truly awesome. And Whiskey, buying glasses might not be done on impulse, but choosing between Specsavers and Vision Express may well be. Does your rage at moronic store managers stem from your failure to become one, consigned forever to stack the shelves?
  • -]
    A "quid" off everything just from cheaper ink? Well I'm flabbergasted[!] And here is me thinking that energy bills are a massive part or running a business. Unlike ink. I guess "you" is simply a moronic store manager - I'm glad I am someone who can actually run their own business, not have to work for a chain store.
  • You
    Are you superior to someone who works for a chain store? Do you look down on the morons in contempt during your weekly shop? If these energy people came into your (no doubt infinitely better than any other) store, and said "We can save you 100 quid a month", would you genuinely reduce the prices in your store as you suggest above? Or would you think "Brilliant, ive saved 100 quid"? If its the former then maybe you're wrong, and you aren't someone who can actually run their own business and not have to work for a chain store
  • You
    So if you were sat in your amazing shop, staring in utter contempt at the scum working in the chain store opposite, and a man came in and saved you £100 a month off your energy bills, would you really reduce all your prices, as you've suggested above? Or would you just think "Brilliant, I've just saved 100 quid a month"?

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