Shock as Big Six complaints soar

BURNING BLUE FLAME ON GAS COOKER HOB. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown. You're never going to believe this - the number of complaints against the Big Six energy firms have gone through the roof to new records in the last quarter as customers vent spleen over lousy service from our beloved energy companies.

They really are just trolling everyone now aren't they?

They received 1.7 million complaints, which is the highest number in a single quarter since records began, up 15% on the same time last year.

The swine at npower received 83 complaints for every 1,000 customers in the first quarter of 2014 (they topped the league). The same time last year, they were getting 49 complaints per 1,000. Looks like they're trying to double the amount of complaints, eh? Meanwhile, SSE, British Gas and E.On all received roughly 30 complaints per 1,000 customers. Scottish Power received the fewest with 13 for every 1,000.

Of course, Which!!! had something to say on the matter.

Their executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: "Yet again millions of customers are being let down by poor service from the Big Six energy companies. This has to change."

"If they want to improve the low level of consumer trust in the energy market, suppliers must up their game now, rather than wait for the results of a competition review."

Now, for the laughs. An Energy UK spokesman said, without a trace of irony: "Most customers are happy with their energy provider. But, in an industry which serves 27 million households, sometimes things can go wrong. Most issues just take just a call to fix even though all problems - large and small - are lumped together. But all problems, no matter how minor, are important and if a customer has any concerns about their service, they should contact their supplier as soon as they can."

"No one wants to see complaints rise, but the industry uses this information to improve its service. Anyone with a problem needs to contact their supplier before they do anything else."

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  • bob
    My friend for his sins works at npower and can confirm what a great big mess the company is in. They really have no idea what to do and their billing system is broken and over complicated. If you have not left them you get what you deserve.

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