ScottishPower to cut prices

BURNING BLUE FLAME ON GAS COOKER HOB. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown. ScottishPower are going to drop their prices of gas by 5.4% from March, which should save the average household £32 a year.

This is the latest of the Big Six to say they're lowering the bills of their customers, after SSE dropped theirs, and E.On decided to cut their prices.

As for ScottishPower, this reduction will come into play from March 15th, so you'll have to wait a while if you're a customer on the standard variable tariff. So you'll still be paying more while it is cold, regrettably.

These price drops don't affect electricity prices either.

Now, seeing as this price drop has been a long time coming (too long, you might say, given that the price of wholesale gas has been dropping steadily for the past 12 months), it does leave ScottishPower customers still paying hundreds of pounds over the odds, compared to those who have already shopped around and switched to a fixed-price deal.

If you're looking at switching supplier or tariff, then check out uSwitch's tool where you can search for the best deals.


  • LD
    Of course not until after the most expensive Winter quarter. The Fuck*ers.
  • Euan
    Good luck actually getting an accurate bill from them, of course :)
  • squiffy
    March, what a surprise... And only those paying the highest prices, so they will still be paying too much, whoopi do...
  • Atilla
    Three years ago I left Scottish Power, and they won't stop sending me estimated bills. This is even after they made a goodwill payment that the ombudsman made them pay me for all the hassle and debt collection threats they kept making.

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