Price freeze - DENIED

It turns out that the Government hasn’t actually asked the Big Six energy companies to freeze prices, despite rumours that ministers had been pressuring them to fix prices until the 2015 election.


‘This story is utterly misleading.’ snapped a snippy Tory source, ‘The Government has not asked for a price freeze. People should wait for us to announce our plans.’

(Yes, we will wait. Wrapped in blankets, coughing. Whatever you say, guv.)

Meanwhile Energy minister Ed Davey has promised make changes to the green levies for businesses, which the government have vaguely said they wanted to ‘roll back.’ This refers to the ECO scheme (which one Tory referred to as ‘green crap’). But nobody knows what the rollback entails, and no energy companies have agreed anything just yet.

But some of the Big Six have said they would cut prices if the government actually got its act together. Npower issued a statement saying: "If the green levies are rolled back then Npower will cut prices to its customers as soon as possible. We need to understand the detail of the roll back before we can comment further.’

There will be an announcement of their plans in the Autumn Statement on December 5th. But there doesn’t look like there’ll be a price freeze. After all, that would be too CARING. Looks like the only things that will be frozen are the icicles on our dead noses.


  • DPP
    All these price hikes began when Ed Milliband said he would freeze the prices if he was elected so they all decided to raise the price now to compensate. He's not even in power and he's already managed to screw the taxpayer!
  • Scooby
    rubbish, these companys raise prices EVERY WINTER, milliband had nothing to do with it

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